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LPSG.com: SuperSoak
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Hello old and new fans! Thank you again for all of your support! I truly appreciate all of your comments and emails of gratitude. I try to respond to every email, so if I didn"t get a chance to respond back to yours, let me take this *****ent to apologize and let you know that you did not go unnoticed! Because, its in times of great sadness, that simply a little email of "I love you and I miss you....please come back!" Gets responded to and taken to heart! <3 I love all of you! Again, thank you! <3 <3 <3 XRaveBoi / SuperSoaker

I refer to myself as someone who is confident and free spirited! My videos are a "work of art" and "Sexual Self-Expression." For Example: How a popular modern day music DJ remixes songs to their own liking and style, I feel the same about how I present each video. Depending on my mood. The type of song I select to even what clothes I wear, down to the way I look into my viewers eyes through the lens of my webcam; I have come to a recent understanding that life is too short. We must value eachothers talents and respect and learn from one another.

Two quotes I live by would be: "Every Human Has The Ability To Influence Up To 250 People In Their Lifetime, Who Are Who Going To Influence Today?"


"Let the World Change You and Then You Can Change The World!"

Want to know more about me? Inspired? It might be easier for you to message me right on facebook! For a faster responce! For you facebookers out there who like to keep up with me and whats new, feel free to add me...


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This is a story I posted on my facebook last year (2011) in February for all of my friends and fans to read! Please note, things have gotten better since then! I have a new job and a place to live, and I am healthy! <3

OUT of my boat and into the SEA of the UNKOWN...I am special, I am UNIQUE! This is part of my story!
by Michael on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 9:01pm
Please Read Everyone..but I do ask, Please be respectful, as I am jumping out of my BOAT and into the SEA of the UNKNOWN now. I am going to share my story and Help CHANGE people"s Lives. I am about to WALK ON WATER!
Wednesday Febuary 23rd, 2011 9:00 PM
Here are a few quotes I understand now and now live by:
ïThe real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.ï Marcel Prous

"Be the Change You Wish to See in the World"
"In Every life, we have the ability to influence Up to 250 People In One Human Lifetime...Who Are You Going to Influence Today"
"Live in the Moment, Be Greatful for What it is and Let it Go. As the Next May Never Come"
"Accept Who You Are, but That Doesn"t Mean You Can"t Work To Do Better or Be Better..if You Accept Who You Are Then You Know Yourself Better, or Else You Just Deny Who You Are and Don"t Know How To Work To Be Better and Do Better!"
"Let the World Change You and Then You Can Change the World"
I used to be different. I used to be unhappy, insecure, bitchy, gossipy and rude. I used to judge. A guy named Brayden taught me just this on this ***** Sunday upon doing a shower contest that evening. Going off gossip and rumours, they have only heard stories about me. Judgemental. I walk outside the Saloon to have a smoke...upon walking out, I hear snickers and see rolling eyes. Then, the group of three of them move over and make room for me. As I pass them I hear, "Michael, you really need to take care of yourself". I ignore the comment and pull a smoke out of my pack. I then ask, "Excuse me, do one of you have a lighter?" No response from any of them, as they are deep in talk. You know...discussion about OTHERS and not themselves. I ask about 3 more times and nothing, all three of them ignore me. As I walk away, I say "Gosh, how rude!" and continue to light my cigarette with a convenient heater close by (as its cold and snowy here in Minneapolis)
As I stand there and smoke my cigarette I hear them talking... "You know, maybe I should change the way I look, that way no one will recognize me. You know, cut my hair short, put some blonde *****lights in, get my eyesbrows waxed, go tanning, then no one will know me?" They all look at me laughing. I walk ***** them saying "Pardon me," as I walk through the group, "Have a good night!" Later in the evening I see one of the friends in the bathroom. I tell him, "You know, you dont need to be mean and rude. You dont know my personal story. I have a lot to offer someone. Live in the *****ent and be mindful. You really ***** my feelings! Have a good night!"
I guess that must"ve really put things into prespective for the whole group. Mockingly in my head:"Run off, quick, and TELL OTHERS the feedback I got from "SuperSoaker" as I can"t respond without our lead queen in my presence to back me up." So, about 30 mins later, I enter the Amatuer Shower Contest at the Saloon, which btw I have only won once the 18 times I have done it, lol. But the little money from tips does help me for what I need. Cigs, gas (now bus fare, lol) food. So, I walk into the shower, dance a little bit in my underwear...then I go completely naked and dance, smile, finally getting some tips from people...dollars, yea it was nice. I think I made about $10 bucks. Then all of a sudden I see this Braydan guy walk up to the shower in the crowd of people all just watching, point at me and say "OMG, REALLY?!" Really loud, laughing and clapping, hitting his knees with his hands, making a big scene so others can see, and runs away out of the bar and into another part.
Thinking to myself. "What the fuck! What is this guys problem?! What did I do to him for him to treat me like that and in front of all those people. In retrospect, he just made himself look like a complete catty asshole!" Soon enough, I was done dancing and went back in the crowd to socialize and watch the other contestants perform.
It was interesting being in the crowd and mindful of my surroundings and listening to what other people were saying about other contestants. All negative, all bitchy, all about body, face, ass, or cock! Understandable, we put ourselves out there, naked, there to be judged. But I was not looking at it that way at all. There is always AT LEAST one nice (beautiful thing) about a persons looks...if not more! For every negative, mean comment I heard, I turned to the person and said. You know, thats not nice. I think that person is very attractive, and also believe that he is up there trying to entertain you and needs the money. "Well," one of the guys said "He might have a beautiful body, but his face, no way man, you have him ***** on that!" I said "Well thank you, but he is perfect in everyway! Look at his body...he obviously works out and takes good care of himself, his face is handsome, youthful, and im sure he"s a good person!" I continue, "Do you know him? Have you sat down and talked to him? What about his heart? Whats inside?" People around me were listening. I took notice! I needed that $10 I had earned so bad, but i had to prove a point. I went and tipped that guy in the shower a dollar and stayed to tip every contestant one dollar.
Later, when it was time to be judged in front of the whole bar and crowd, a nice ***** and young man came up to me. "Whats your name?" She asks, "My name is Michael aka SuperSoaker!" She said, hey I thought you were the best up there! I responded "Oh, no looking around to the other contestants, no way, but thank you so much!" She said "Here this is for you! We will scream for you!" I took the money and smiled! And the guy and her both stood right below me and shouted and clapped for me, when my name was called. Unfortunantely, I didnt make the cut. There were 5 of us. After leaving the stage, I realized thst one ***** and guy were the ones standing next to me in the au*****nce when I was telling one of the "judgers" (barflys) "Its not about what this is or that is, its what about whats in here, your heart, mind, body, soul. Only GOD can judge. Moral of the story, NEVER JUDGE a BOOK by ITS COVER! Respect, love, live, teach, and LEARN from one another. And Most importantly DANCE! Dance for LIFE!"
No more longer am I this kind of person, No more longer will I put others down to make myself or my group of friends feel better! Because I know what its like to be THAT person now. I know what its like once again to be misunderstood. I went through High School, How could I forget....It Gets Better!
Hello, I am Michael...here is some of my story!
Everyone likes to bitch and complain, i figure why? Live in the *****ent! Be appreciative of what you got! I have very little right now, But I do have me! My car got towed the other day in the snow emergency! That car was everything to me, but its costing too much to get it out than what its worth. You know with all the previous unpaid tickets, the current ticket, the towing fee, the updated regestration thats expired, no insurance because i cant afford it. I mean, the heater didnt work, no front bumper, there is an oil leak, transmission leak, coolant leak...transmission is going out, has over 210,000 miles on it, has air leaks and water/weather leaks in the convertible roof top...its worn. Snow comes in, water comes in...meh, Ill give it to the city! Its better that way...just need to go there, get my stuff out of the trunk and inside and sign it over to them. It served its purpose! It got me everywhere I needed to go, that car. Orlando, Denver, Minneapolis. I got it in 2004 at 94,000 miles. It kept me safe and got me where I needed to go!
Right now i have no money, no job..and im sharing a small room with another 3 guys...yup thats 4 of us! I just got out of treatment for *****s. Out of a continuing care halfway house, and now in a transition/boarding house. But yet I am happy...I have something, not everything, but yet not NOTHING!
I have a place to live and free food, internet and thank god a cell phone! I have just a few close friends that understand me. And we go out and dance and help eachother live. Live in the *****ent! Be greatful for what it is to you. This *****ent! Because the next may never come. Dont think about what you could or could"ve done differently yesterday and dont stress about what to do tomorrow...or even later tonight. Just be 100% in the NOW. Right HERE, right NOW! It"s not only being MINDFUL its being REAL! Life is about learning, living, loving, and teaching! And what the heck, I"ll throw in dancing in there too! Because I love to DANCE!
So, This is what I have learned in the last year after being diagnosed with HIV. April 26th, 2010. I thought the whole world was against me, that I was sick and was going to *****. When in fact, after waking up out of a coma in the ER after an overdose of GHB and into a hot tub at my gym, I realized it wasnt the HIV that was going to ***** me...It was me going to ***** myself. My *****s of choice then made sense. It wasnt the uppers or the downers. It was the GUILT, the SHAME, the DENIAL. I learned to accept myself from last october til finally the end of this month where I broke down at a friends house. The way I was living before was selfish and full of negativity and self-loathing. In SOOOO many ways I am GRATEFUL for this virus! I just dont want to give it to others! But i am grateful for the way it has changed my life. It has changed me! Now I can share with others what I have learned! I can teach!!!
This is right, this is my call to life now! I just need to jump off my boat and into the sea of the unknown, PUSH myself, YES I need to learn to WALK ON WATER and CHANGE PEOPLES lives!!! I can do it! Its my calling from my *****er power, my god! God to me is like a huge mirror...once broken into millions and millions of little peices, a small peice is in EACH and EVERY ONE of us....when we are quiet....alone or together....we are connected to this mirror within us....we hold it up, we see ourselves...we flash it around we see eachother....in perspective we see each other WITHIN OURSELVES! We just have to be quiet every once in awhile. Meditate! Be connected within ourselves. Listen to our INNER VOICE...for it speaks only the truth...only whats right! No H8, just love! Let our INNER Voice SPEAK! For it is silenced throughout our day, silenced through negativity around us. From others TRYING to shoot us down. From fear, loathing, and greed! Live in the *****ent. Not regretting yesterday in what you could have done differently or didnt do at all. Not about tomorrow for what you are going to do. Right Here...Right NOW. In this very *****ent. As the next may never come. Live, LEARN, LOVE, DANCE, and TEACH! Journal writing is a great way to get reconnected with yourself.
"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World!"
Michael "SuperSoaker ï xraveboi"

Turn Ons

Sexual/Physical Turn Ons:

Big, huge cocks, Other HUGE shooters, hung tops,

Spiritual/Social/Physical and Sexual Turn Ons:
sweet, romantic guys, confident, funny, and understand that life is short, so live it up with no regrets! I would love to share my life with someone. Learn and grow from eachother...INVEST in one another. Truly, madly, deeply...in love. But One can hope in their lifetime, that they could experience such...for some the love only happens once and it"s too late...they are gone. "Life on Life"s Terms" So being OPEN to it. Right here, right now, in the *****ent. For when it comes, It will never pass any of us by. Because TIME...yes the clicking clock...is everything. And we as "multi-sensory human beings"...we have the ABILITY to STOP that ticking clock...to the very second onto which we react. Listen to your inner voice!!! <3

Turn Offs

Rude, mean, judgemental people, people that look down apon me in the gay community for being more "expressive" than they are (ie...solo vids online) but at the same time they know all about them and have seen them before or log onto the "type" of sites to get their rocks off...Hypocrites! Never judge a book by it"s cover. Be Compassionate and have empathy. For you may never know what its truly like for that person...until you have lived a day in their shoes. In their heart and in their soul. We all are on different spiritual life maps. And we encounter one another FOR A REASON. Learn and grow from one another. Its because sites like these, and not only these on a sexual level, but these sites on a SOCIAL level that is HELPING bring humanity back together. There is nothing wrong with masterbating to me or any other hot dude or dudes on here. Infact, you should be totally proud of it! I am proud that you took the time to watch my way of Sexual Self-Expression ï Exhibitionism ï and Art. As well as took the time out to GET TO KNOW ME a little through reading these words and my story below! With changing times...we are now approaching the new Social Era...A new era of acceptance and growth in all humanity. I have a feeling deep down inside of me....that 2012....is not so much the end of the world...but a BIG change in direction! Acceptance, Love, Growth, and Rewards! Spiritual awakenings...Right HERE right NOW, in the *****ent...or in some cases....SEXUAL AWAKENINGS! LOL ;-) Love yourself! No H8...just plain turn OFFS! ;)

About myself

High School graduate
Marital Status:
Time spent online?:
Several hours a day
Social Orientation:
Very Liberal
Campy (Cheesy),
Tobacco Consumption:
I'm a heavy social smoker
Alcohol Consumption:
I'm a light social drinker
Want kids?:
Not sure

About my Partner

Ideal partner:
Attractive, funny and smart, sweet and caring, HUNG and passionate, gives me space when needed, trustworthy and forgiving. And one that LOVES to cuddle ;) My FAV! Oh and if he"s a little supersoaker/shooter too, all the better, I love some competition! hahaha
Looking for:
Age of partner from:
Age of partner to:
Pretty important
Partners genitals should be:
Trimmed to be neat
Does size matter?:
Size is all I care about!
Tobacco Preference:
I dont mind if my partner smokes heavily
Alcohol Preference:
I want my partner to drink lightly

Physical Profile

Best Feature:
Body Type:
5 ft 9 in (175.26 cm)
160-169lbs (72.57 kg)
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Facial Hair:
Body Hair:
Pubic Hair:
Unshaved; Normal
Hairy Bodyzones:
Treasure trail,
Body Decorations:
Nothing at all!

Entertainment, Sports and Hobbies

Board games,
Playing cards,
Live music/Music,
Television Shows:
Movie Channels,
Variety Shows
Movie Categories:
Science Fiction,
Music Styles:
Alternative Rock,
Dance & DJ,
New Age,
Pop/Top 40,
Rock 'n Roll,
Favorite Books:
Best Sellers,
Sports Orientation:
Not Interested
Exercise regularly

Work & Living Environment


Sexual Interests

Sexual Orientation:
Sexually Daring:
I'll try most anything once
Sexual Activities:
Sex, When?:
Late Night
Sex, How often?:
A few times a month
Most Erogenous zones?:
Inner thigh,
Practice Safe Sex:
Role-playing fantasies:
Inner thigh,
Dirty talk during sex?:
Entirely depends on my mood
A rollercoaster,
A dressing room,
A swimming pool/hot tub,
An airplane,
My bed,
My yard,
The beach
Making home videos/pics:
I'm practically a pornstar
Night clubs,


Death Becomes Her, Dancer in the Dark, Postcards from the Edge, Nothing But Trouble, The Hours, Save Me, Doubt, and "Where the World Mine" Series: TRUE BLOOD, SIX FEET UNDER, DAMAGES, MAD MEN, UNITED STATES OF TARA, BREAKING BAD, NURSE JACKIE!!!


Photography, travel (roadtrips) camp, EXPLORE new places, clubs, bars,casinos, Music, Raves (Trance, house, techno)


Bjork, Enigma, Fiona Apple, Radiohead, Counting Crows, Coldplay, Cazwell, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Above and Beyond. itunes weekly dj podcasts! :)

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