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It"s time that I didn"t just view some amazing horny and sexy videos and I also make some myself. If I can just cause one hardon or two that would be fine.The ultimate has to be making you cum. Videos are currently in production and maybe I"m getting bolder or more sexed up. I can now see the excitement of doing this (MGM have been called in but the Director keeps wanting to play with my cock instead of filming!)

I suppose this is the next stage.You upload bulges and then your cock and then your hard cock and then it will be video requests (are there any?) and then c2c (any requests?) and then mutual jacking (any requests?)etc. Is that how it works?????????????????????????
I"ve started putting a few fantasies and experiences below ï quite a turn on!!!

If you get to the end of what is happening with my friends and want to know what happened next let me know. Chapter 3 is ready and wanking I mean waiting (AND NOW March 2012 CHAPER 4). Maybe you might also tell me what happens next yourself in this fantasy ( or your fantasy /real thing!) ..enjoy...

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Chapter 1 Friends with Benefits

A group of my friends decided to go for a long walk to enventually get to the beach. We laughed and joked along as we always do. We get on really well. When we got to some woodland and stopped for a rest and a *****. It was quite a warm day and we were all wearing t shirts and shorts, Steve was wearing a sleevless t showing his defined arms and biceps. What real poser he is.

We started chatting and after about ten minutes of banter and laughter, we looked at James, who is my best mate. I was concerned at the look on his face. He did not seem at all happy. You notice these things about your best mate. I said to James "Com"on buddy whats up?". James was silent for a while and everyone looked at him. He bowed his head and looking at the floors he really surprised us saying "It"s ok for you guys. You are either getting sex or getting lots of release wanking away.I feel really worked up. You know I haven"t had a wank for 10 days. I"ve tried but I"ve lost it. I don"t know whether its becauser I am never in the mood or there"s something wrong. Its bothering me. A tear ran down his face. We looked at each other. I put my arm round my bud. "What am I saying but I"m so uptight about this. I"m not sure I should have told you this. Is that ok guys. Didn"t want to share the ***** but I have now?" said James
"Its ok Jamie *****, You know you can share anything with me, us" I said All the other guys me included,there were five of us, made re-assuring noises because James is a really good guy, a looker too. I always thought with his neat styled brown hair tanned smooth handsome face. It was James who showed me all the best face moisturisers to use and said to me not a word to the guys. They really made a great diffrence and he had commented on that.
I suppose we were a bit concerned for his obviously unhappiness at this. Davey said "Sorry dude you don"t need that. We young guys all need good releases to keep our tackle working well, but it"ll cum right sorry. Sorry shouldn"t have used that term! He grinned. He is the cheeky chappie amongst us if a little secretive.

James then snapped "It"s alright you all looking at me. What about you? I bet some of you haven"t jacked in a while" He then challenged us to say when we had last jacked given that he had been so open about it and wanted to put his situation into some perspective. Our reaction was of surprise and then Davey took the lead saying "Why not it"s only right. We should also share" So we replied with a little embaressment with Davey saying it was nothing something he had ever shared with anyone not even with his *****. Art hadn"t either. James was the nearest to a ***** to me and we hadn"t until now.

We said we all ranged from 1 to 2 days and said sorry for making him feel worse. I always thought that Steve would be at least a daily guy and of course he was, as he was well hung and seemed proud of the fact even when he was ribbed about it. "You are only jealous" he would say. He worked out at the gym more keenly than us although I tried to keep up and often trained with him. He had the results to prove it. More than once I had thought with that body and that cock I would be jerking looking in the mirror whenever I could and all day at weekends!
Anyway Steve asked James about how he was feeling and Steve described the things he did when he needed to get in the mood whilst confessing he usually was very much in the mood.(this didn"t surprise me) He talked of *****s, some of whom we all knew, and what he fantasised about them. We never had really talked as a group about our experiences but maybe had shared one or two things with a best mate and James was a best mate to me but not Steve, so I heard much of this for the first time. Steve was the sort of guy you wanted to be best mates with but so did everyone else. He sort of kept his distance some of the time even in the gym. It was hard to see what he really thought and how he ticked. I wanted to get to know him better but maybe there was an attraction that was difficult to handle. It was all so strange. At the same time he seemed relaxed about his sexuality or so I thought. It wasn"t the done thing to stand and stare at him in the gym though, or so I thought, but I found that by spotting for him when he was bench pressing etc. it became acceptable. When he was doing chest flyes I was in awe.

Davey was the cheeky but quiet one who always seemed to wear tight fitting shorts, and had not shared much in the way of ***** talk but now he relayed stories of all the places he had wanked including the college bus and numerous times in the local sand dunes by the beach. He was a daily guy sometimes twice or more as he had just said. Our jaws sort of dropped and it was quiet for a few minutes.

Suddenly he stood up and said well guys this has got me horny and so excuse me I"m off into the bushes over there to do my thing and maybe sort out Jamie. We looked at each others reactive, particularly Steve and Arty from the looks on their faces. As Davey was standing there. I could see he had a hardon and he then set off to bushes signalling to James and he said "And James I think you should come too and lets get your cock working again. I can see its stirring so lets strike or stroke while the iron"s hot and he laughed. I don"t like to see my mates miserable and especially not in the underwear department"

I was sitting there next to Steve with a raging hardon and my heart was racing. Steve was so well endowed he had difficutly concealing that his cock was hard. I would have been able to see it sticking out of his shorts were I facing him. I was sure Arty could!
James then said "What the heck, I need this bad and what are friends for, " He broke into his first smile of the day and winked at me."
James had got up hand over his crotch and set off to join Davey. Davey shouted back "You guys its nothing personal, but if you wanna cum too and I can see from your shorts you maybe do, come along. Its no big deal just guys helping a mate out." This was a bold Davey for sure. "Nothing wrong with helping James in his time of need and having fun too as a bonus. I would hope you"d so the same for me sometime" he said laughing cheekily.
Arty said to Steve "Well I can see you aint gonna get rid of the hardon in a hurry there"s only one way as you know only too well. Sally from the hair salon is not here. I"m up for some release and no harm done," And you Stu? I couldn"t get the words out but nodded. So we set of to join Davey and James with finally Steve following not to be the odd one out. He jogged to catch up and I turned to see his cock swaying side to side heavily in his shorts...
As we got behind the camoflague of the thick bushes, Steve said "What the fuck" as Davey and James were standing with their backs to us. Davey was standing with his firm rounded butt to us with his shorts and briefs round his ankles whilst James was standing next to him shorts still on but clearly stroking his crotch or his cock. Davey turned. His cock was almost vertical and said to Steve, "Com"on Stevie ***** don"t sound like your ***** all indignant as he bent to pull his briefs up but not his tight shorts. I know about the time your ***** caught you wanking, Sally told me. Anyway like I said I"m here for James to have a good release and maybe help his self pleasuring techniques too so that he can jerk off as much as we do if he wants to. My ***** told me that"s what guys of our age do. Show each other. But I didn"t say anything to him and as I said I never discussed my jacking with him. I wish I had so I could help you guys get into this"
I quietly offered the suggestion that we just go with the flow to which Steve "Aw well maybe your right but Sall had no business telling you what she did" I went to join my best mate James and stood on the other side of him to Davey, who had turned back to face the big bushes. James"s cock was sticking out through a shorts leg and he was slowly stroke it and shaking it. Davey had turned back and I could see how rock hard and up in the air his cock was. Maybe jacking several times a day does that I thought. Maybe I should conscentrate less on making it last and more on cumming.
I pulled out my swollen cock and as I did my shorts fell down. My cock head looked like it was going to burst it was so pumped. My thick cock was out there and proud. I had forgotten I was wearing an old soccer jockstrap and blushed at what I was now showing to Steve and Arty standing away from us. I hadn"t heard them move across to us and now couldn"t bring myself to look. Anyway I didn"t want to miss Davey"s action and that of James whose cock looked magnificent when it was hard sticking outwards not upwards like Davey"s and I was conscentrating on the quiet moans coming from James. Davey started to show us his wanking reportoire of techniques saying to James " I sometimes use this long slow stroke I get a great sensation the full length and this two handed that makes sure it gets very full attention. James moaned as he followed Davey"s instructions.

Davey the turned to Steve and Arty who were still standing about 20 feet away and said "Guys guys guys, you are standing there with raging hardons. Stu and I are getting James going but he needs you too. Nothing was going to surprise me but it did when James said " Yeah Stevie and Art I need you to join in, it will major embaressment if you don"t and I"ll have to get back to trying to get off every couple weeks probably with the same difficulty and with the shame"
James then turned to me and Davey and said quitely "Turn round to face them" We looked at each and hoped Stevie would not go on a "not normal" rant has had done at one time on the beach when we had seen two guys messing about in the sea. We wondered if he was going off the idea.(I did wonder whether the two guys in the sea got off at the time ï they were out there a long time with just heads above the water- that was something that got me even more curious) James whispered 1,2,3 and we turned. Davey waved them across to us. To my relief and excitement Steve and Arty across to us. They moved slowing towards both holding their crotches. Stevie"s cock was peeping below his shorts. Davey (this was a different Davey to the one we knew) said quietly and with a cheeky smile "Guys on the count of 3 shorts down." As Davey was the quiet one, I think we were all surprised how forward he was being and how he was leading the way. He was a shorter slim guy with a nice smile and a great well rounded firm ass and great legs, (probably from all the leg presses he did in the gym) that I"d noticed before but particularly admired now.
James pulled his shorts down and Arty followed with Steve showing ***** as he followed. Steve was wearing a pair of sexy pale blue speedos that looked great against his tanned t*****s(we were planning a swim at the beach later). They fitted perfectly and showed a treasure trail.
James had clearly come out on the hike commando. Davey had a pair of slip brief now again round his ankles. He usually wore boxers in the changing rooms. I imagined they would suit his frame. He was ribbed about his baggy boxers.

Arty"s boxers where pulled down at the same time of the shorts probably not intentionally revealing a huge set of dark pubes which I had never seen the full extent of before as he was studing science and went running but did not use the gym at the same time as us.
We all faced each other. Steve was opposite me which made my cock twitch as I looked and his big cock hanging outside of his speedos. We were all very slowly stroking looking all around even Steve.
James then pulled of his t shirt saying it was getting a little hot in more ways than he had thought. Steve was quick to follow pulling off his sleeveless vest. He was never backwards at showing off his body to his bud*****s. Arty, Davey and I followed. leaving James and Arty completely naked. I thought about taking my jockstrap off but I loved it and the feeling it gave me when I wore it supporting my large full balls. I thought at the time "and yes they produce a lot of jizz".
It gave such great support to my cock and big balls. James had once commented about my balls said in the gym showers and I had to turn slowly away.
So there were all were all with big hardons, Stevies" the biggest of them all, Davey"s the most upright. mine the thickest, Arty was cut sporting a reddy blue pumped head that looked very lick able. James probably had the most beautifully formed dick.
I then without thinking carefully said "So do we see who can cum first?"...

Davey then said suddenlyï No guys, no, remember this is for Jamie. He hasnït shot his load for 10 days. Do you really think he only wants a quicky? ïNo you are right and neither do Iï said Stevie, ï We should put our dicks back in our underwear and swimmers and start slowly and the first to cum buys the *****s at the beach. Sorry Jamie ***** it seems you didnït have any gear on so you have to let it hang or start without us. It looks like you have he laughed. It looks good by the way bud. It ainït gonna be me thatïs first. I can make it last *****s!ï Davey and I looked at each other and I could not hide my smile. Davey winked back. I think we were both surprised at the lead Steve was suddenly taking and had really got into the situation.
So on we put our gear back on and all looked around ready to start. Arty in his baggy boxers with his cock sticking out, Steve in his low cut speedos showing the length of his hardness, Davey in his low cut briefs with his cock peeking out, me in my jockstrap with my supported cock and balls tingling with excitement and my best mate Jamie beaming from ear to ear as he slowly stroked and looked around.
Nothing was said as we stroked our bulges and Jamie stroked is cock giving out quiet short moans. We slowing dropped our gear and I saw Stevie survey the scene as I was pretending to have my eyes shut. I was still opposite him and felt I could cum instantly because of that. I used to do that until I taught myself some control for a better ejac. He was looking at my cock as he stroked slowly. Davey and Jamie were grinning and J continued to moan.

Arty was looking serious stroking his uncut cock quicker than the rest of us and was breathing heavily. Stevie said ï Slow down Art matey slow downï Arty stopped and took his top off revealing a fine set of runnerïs abs and a defined chest that was very fine short blond hairs over his pecs and stomach. He was in a really fit condition from his, as he often told us, 30 miles per week, and from the side very firm rounded buttocks. He cock head was like a beacon glowing. He was sweating heavily. Steve then followed and took his sleeveless t off. Everyone looked towards Stevie and Iïm sure a saw some cocks twitch with excitement. Mine certainly did. Forget the fitness magazines, the real thing was amazing. As Jamie continued to moan and his moans were getting loader I let out a moan at the glorious sight of this muscular body which was incredibly well hung to match. He looked like the guys on the cover of fitness magazines that I had first jacked to when I was 12. Daveyïs cock was like a rocket pointing to the sky. He kept stopping like he was edging giving a short gasp as he did.
Suddenly there was a load groan from Arty as he squirted his load over a foot in front of him and he came and came and came. Such a load, I counted 9 squirts his butt squeezing with every shot. He then turned away as if to step out of the circle. ïWow,ï Jamie and Davey said in unison. My mouth was just open in amazement. ïArt you are quite a shooter. We should have a biggest loads contest although I think you might winï said Stevie. Jamie gave another moan and said ï I donït know about that Iïve got a big 10 day load cumming soon. ïThis was a great ideaï said Davey. ïComïon Art Iïm sure you could cum againï said Steve. ïThe next one to cum has step forward when they are cumming.ï Art nodded an ok and stepped back into the group and started to stroke again. Steve patted him on the back. This was getting all too much for me I could feel my juices rising. Steve was a fantasy, stoking his big tool with the sun shimmering through the trees on his tanned physique. His tan-lines added to the sexiness that he oozed as did the large amount of pre-cum that was dripping from his cock.
James was moaning loader as was Davey and Steve was watching my every stroke. Suddenly Jamie let out a loud groan stepping forward oozed and oozed and oozed thick white cum. At which point Davey also steeped up and groaning as he shot cum right up his chest until it was covered. We all cheered as Art was not done and he squirted again 3 times with the first going some distance hitting Davey on the t*****. Nice ***** Steve said.
That left just Stevie and me. I had set my sights on shooting at the same time but the great control I had learnt was disappearing fast. This was altogether so very horny. The other guys were still in there stroking but it was now our cock cumming challenge. I was stroking very very slowly and my cock was like a rock, my balls so very tight and my cock head pumped and wet with pre-cum. It had never been so hard since I first tried my jockstrap on but on that occasion I came almost instantly in the strap. Steveïs shaved balls were bouncing as he stroked. Davey also had shave balls, Art had a very full bush that looked sexy and Jamie and I were trimmed. We had once discussed trimming and we both started to do this at the same time. Jamie said it made your cock look bigger. I had had to put my hand on my crotch to hide a hardon at the time.
Steve with a trembling voice suggested we now go for it lets not keep these guys waiting any longer. Clearly he was ready to blow. So we jacked quicker and in unison. James added to the occasion by grunting ï Iïm cumming!!! Yeah!!!!ï We both stepped forward groaning ïOh *****! its cumming shouted Steve and we both let rip with my cum hitting Steve firm thick t*****. My body was shaking in full orgasm. ïWow!!! Moan!!ï shouted ï said Davey as he too squirted a second load. Arty not to miss out let a third dribble go.
ïPhew! Well, Jamie is that better nowï asked Davey. James nodded and said I think Iïve stored several monthsï worth of jacking ideas and thoughts. Forget 10 days more like twice a day and more he laughed. Steve turned to Art as he rubbed my cum into his t***** ïAnd you my bud are a dark ***** looking at you I bet you could cum again! Art smiled. His ***** gone.
Davey said you guys lasted 20 minutes whereas Artïs first was off at 4. Then 11 and 20 he laughed.
We cleaned ourselves up. I was lost for words and nobody else spoke either. As I was putting my jockstrap back on Steve nodded and smiled.
We sat for a while in the cool breeze pondering what had just happened thanks to Jamie and of course Davey. Steve then said ïRight guys not a word and you Davey donït be telling Sally weïve even been here. Art nodded and said ïYeah it wonït be good for my imageï Art was a virgin, or so James told me and Steve had tried to set him up quite a few times. Nothing else was said and we headed for the beach where Arty had to by the Cokes as we ribbed him at the kiosk. I could see Davey said out of the earshot of the vendor ïArt yours is the first shoot I mean shoutï
We found a good spot on the beach near the sea and put of bags down and sat for a while as we finished our *****s, all stripping our tops off. Then Davey suggested that we all head to the water. I canït sit in the sun this, pointing to his chest, is not good sun lotion. Come to think of it Davey didnït have tan lines like the rest of us. Must be going nude in the dunes I thought.

Chapter 4
When I got home all I could think about was what had happened in the woods and everyoneâs reaction and involvement. I only ate a little of my evening meal and was quick to get to my room and lay on my bed, dream of all my buds wanking and was looking to watch my wank in the large mirror on the door of my closet. I was rock hard and was still wearing my slightly cum stained jockstrap. My cock was so rock hard ***** against the cotton mesh of the jock pouch. I was finding it hard to understand what was happening to me and I was shaking.
My mobile rang just as I was about to release my cock from its captive pouch. It was James âHi Stu its Jamie are you doing anything tonightâ âNo not really Jamie just laying back really, why?â I said. âI just had to run an errand for my ***** and am *****, though we could hang about for a bitâ he said. âSure you know anytimeâ I said. âyou donât have to ask you know thatâ âWellâ he said sheepishly, âWasnât sure of the territory after this afternoon thought best to check but would be good to hang around with you as only we do bestâ He said with his usual laugh.
I was still trying to deflate my cock and pull my shorts when I heard voices speaking to James â Hi Jamie, good to see you go on straight up maybe you can sort Stu he seems off his foodâ Come down later and weâll catch up and fix you a *****â âOk Mrs C sure thingâ I heard.
James came racing in as he always does. A few times he has nearly walked in on me wanking and I had felt the need to cover what was going on. Like the time I was humped the bed and I only had time to pull up my shorts and pretend I was *****ing. (I covered up the heavy breathing with a series of yawns) and another where he knocked me against the wall when I was jerking off in the mirror on the back of the bedroom door and I was able to pull up my shorts. Why I didnât lock it? Well maybe I wanted to be caught but chickened out at the last minute. His friendship was so important to me.
In he marched, wearing his new addidas footie shorts that he was proud of and looked so cool in. âSo whatâs up Jamie *****â I said. âWell I donât where to start. Iâve wanted to talk to you ever since this afternoon. Ever since our woods adventure (he grinned at this point), and I know I can talk and trust you to keep this between us, I know we rarely talk sex in such detail but I have had a constant hardon. I feel completely opposite to how I was feeling before our hike. Itâs been hard to hide in these shorts. My ***** asked if I was ok as I was covering my crotch. I told him I had been hit by a football and was still feeling very sore. He offered to check this out but I told him it would be ok. I would turn my back next time. On my errand I sure my crotch was being checked out as I ran to the store.â I nodded and fum***** about to think of my response usually it was all spontaneous banter with James. He looked at me and said âOh Stewie I can see now itâs the same for youâ We looked at each other seriously and then exploded with laughter. âWe should keep these secrets between bud*****s I should have helped by telling you straight away that I was in the same predicament, I was just about to try to get rid of the hardon by another wank when you walked inâ James gave an embarrassed wink and said âYou seemed a bit flustered and I wondered just like some of the other times when I wondered whether I had nearly caught you wanking. As we are being open about this you know I must admit that I had hoped to catch you at it. Not sure what I would have done but I really really did want to.â
âOh I see and there was me pretending to be doing something else. It would have been very horny to get caught I reckon nowâ I said. A voice downstairs shouted âWe are going to the McArthurâs for an hour youâll still be here Jamie, yes?â They really liked him like he was another son, better than me sometimes I thought! âYes, sure â James replied. We heard the door and car start up.
Tell you what said James â I think we are on a real roll today. After my âwanking droughtâ I have a lot of catch up to do. I need the bathroom if this hardon will let me and what if you get back to where you were weâll start again (he wink)â
That wink always gets me. He left and I pulled my shorts down and laid on my bed. My hardon in my jockstrap raged even more. I lay there feeling my cock and balls through the fabric of the pouch. James seem gone a while as I lost myself in my pleasure. I then heard a groan come from just outside the room. The door had been left slightly ajar and I could make out James standing there watching my every move. His cock was standing proud and horizontal as this afternoon and had lost none of its impressiveness despite the huge load he had shot earlier. I was think maybe it was harder and more proud that before as I had a great side view standing next to him in the woods. I looked again and suddenly as he groaned again (he clearly is a groaner) I saw he was stark naked. I groaned at his slim tight fit body! I had seen and admired him, I thought in a manly way, in many states of undress but never anything like this.
He then stepped into the room he had that determined concentrated look I knew well when he meant business. We both groaned. My cock was standing proud out of the side of the jack pouch. He signalled to check if he could hold by cock. I nodded and felt this amazing tingle in my cock as he slowly moved his hand and fingers down my throbbing twitching cock.
He nodded towards his own cock and I took hold and squeezed. He groaned loudly. We slowly moved our hands up and down each other cock watching each othersâ twitching cocks. It was so wild to hold another hard solid cock, so very hard. I knew I would not hold my cum back for very long. My balls were so tight as though they would burst and the juices were rising. There was pre-cum everywhere and rolling down Jamesâ hand. Unlike this afternoon, where we were each in some sort of control. I was losing mine to Jamesâ hand. My groaning, moaning and heavy breathing was becoming continuous almost in tune with Jamesâ moaning. Suddenly my back ached and I groaned âyes, yes, yesâ my cum exploding into the air and onto Jamesâ arm and the side of his stomach. At which James emitted a loud groan and I saw cum flying through the air and hitting blinds on the window at the side of the bed. How we both could unload so much so soon after our woodland escapes was an eye opener.
We both gasped and looked and grinned at each other faces probably for the first time. âSorry matey I just had to get my hand on that after this afternoon and has been all I could think of since earlier. Are we cool? And itâs between us yeah?â âSureâ I said reassuringly. âAfter this afternoon I am amazed that anything could meet that. Is that giving away that I perhaps enjoyed this afternoon too much?â â Oh Stewie, Stewie, why do you worry so? I know Iâm a fine one to talk. But they are good lads and there are ones there who got a bigger thrill than we possibly did, Davey for example. As for me we are the great bud*****s and I would do anything for you including jerking you offâ He laughed cheekily said watching my reaction. I nodded and smiled a big cheesy smile. â In fact I would be happy to jerk you off whenever you want me toâ I was struggled to take that on board but after our experiences of the day I saidâ âYou know yep I do worry but I want this amazing experience to continue again and againâ James looked at me seriously and said âYou want me to stroke you again now? He then laughed. âYou are a wind up merchant sometimes Jamie *****â At which we heard the front door and James whispered â***** my clothes are in the bathroomâ. âYou stay here and Iâll go and get themâ I said as I pulled up my shorts having taken off my very cum stain jocks and legged it to the bathroom as I walked back to the room my ***** came up the stairs and said âTurning over a new leaf Stuart not leaving your clothes around the bathroom floor as usual?â âSmarty pants not everyone can be so perfect as you Kev and donât you follow me into my room because Iâm tired of your sarcasmâ I went into the room and thankfully I was not followed around as I sometimes and quickly ***** James his clothes as he stood behind the door. He quickly put on his clothes. He was not commando this time and was wearing a pair of new trendy blue coloured Calvin boxer briefs. âVery niceâ I thought. âNever seen them before, does he look great in thoseâ.
A car pulled up and the front door opened. A voice shouted âguys weâve got you those shakes you like come on downâ. We both adjusted our gear and marched confidently down stairs. The voice of muttered behind us. It was Kev â Hi Jamie didnât realise you was here. You wearing Stuartâs t shirtâ âYep, heâs just given it to be says he needs a change and going for the smart look like youâ
Downstairs I was asked how I was feeling again. I was suggested I looked a little flushed and Jamie too. âAre you both going down with something?â We were asked. We looked at each other and Kev looked puzzled. James quickly said âwe probably were out in the sun a bit too much today but you forget sun lotion when you are messing about with the *****s and having a good timeâ I smiled and was not sure if my face had flushed some more!
TO BE me if you want to know what happened next or you can tell me what happens.(or tell me another fantasy or real event altogether.

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and another fantasy with an ending...
I was jogging along in my square cut tank and sweats. I like my tank as it shows my pecs definition well. I looked across and see a guy in the window and it looked like he was wearing a jock. I cross the road and can see a really fit guy stroking a huge bulge. I mean one very huge bulge. I slow down and feel stirring in my sweat pants. Jogging makes me horny anyway and I run with a semi hardon. I see the guy looking and continuing to stroke that amazing bulge. I see a great smile and think wow I need to meet this guy. I nod and look towards the door. He disappears and I wonder and think this is too good to be true. The door opens slightly and I smile and jog towards the door. I slowly and nervously push the door open and see this well defined and endowed guy stretched across a sofa. I think you got a special delivery guy. The light from the window glistens on sweat on his chest. He has clearly been working out I think and see his chest pumped from the workout. I move to the sofa slowly my aching raging cock standing vertical in my loose sweats, sweat running down my body. The two mile jog has horned me up. His eyes are shut and I gently stroke his bulge. He is groaning. I lower my sweat pants and reveal my cock escaping from my jock. He is opening his eyes, looks, and lets out a huge moan. I kneel and my bulge and thick cock with its big shiny swollen head rubs against his thick t*****s. We both groan and moan. I try to push my cock back into my jocks and lower myself so that we are bulge to bulge and jockstrap to jockstrap. I am ***** on the sexuality of it all and lick his pecs and nipples. He groans loudly again and again our cocks throbbing against each other and our full balls tight and ready. I run my tongue down his sexy stomach hair trail and lick the jock bulge with real excitement I like round the jock and the very top of thick and sexy t*****s. This is just amazing. I stand and pull my new friend up and we stand eye to eye, smiling and breathing heavily. We feel each others straps and explore their tight rounded but cheeks. We moan as we rub out bulges up and down against each other. I can imagine this guy looking great in shorts and underwear and let out a moan as I look down and see both jocks heavily stained with pre-cum. He whisper that he has dreamt of this and for weeks he has been watching me jog past. I smile and we hug, squeeze together tightly. We stroked and touched each other licked each others bulges. The sun through the window glistening on our bo*****s. He is pulling me through to the house stairs and walks up and I follow. I look at the cutest butt with awesome tan-lines. I stroke his legs. He leads me to a bedroom where I can see gym gear. He sits on pec dec machine and grins as he pumps his pecs. ïI had on set left when I saw you coming down the roadï he says and laughs. If I had known I would have been cumming down the road I say laughing. I meant it. I would be jerking off to this happening for a long time unless this guy was going to help me. He pulls me to the shower room and turns on the taps. It"s a hot day so he set the water cool. He steps into shower and the water runs down and I can see the outline of a tempting cock and balls through the pouch... I nearly came handsfree as I stroke my balls through the pouch such a vision but keep control... He is pulling me into the shower and we stroke and writhe about moaning and breathing fast and heavily, our cocks bulging out of the sides of our pouches. I signal to remove our jocks and as we do our cock bounce up, his slightly curved and almost touching his stomach, mine straight and just above horizontal. I gasp "wow, you are one sexy sexy horny guy." We slowly stroke each others cocks, groaning, moaning, gasping, with short breaths. I want this to go on and on but its hornier than the many videos I jacked off to and I struggle to hold back. His cock fills my hand as I slowly stroke deeply. It is so so hard and rock like more that I expected.
Suddenly he gasps "I"m cummingggg" and as he squirts and squirts and squirts long and hard up his chest. I feel his cock pump endlessly and my balls rise and stir and I join the fest and shoot on his balls and down his firm t*****s letting out a loud groan. I let out a big load of thick creamy cum. We hug and our bo*****s spasm a little.
He whispers "wow thank you it was amazing, was that ok?" I say smiling "It was and you are awesome. OK, why do you ask?". "Well I"m not sure if you say this the first time but I had to ask. Iïve watched you jog past for weeks and fantazied about this I look him in the eyes and say "incredible, first time for me too but I"ve watched a lot of training videos" I laugh. He says he needs a lot more training "I hope you can help with that, letïs train together!". You bet we can and if you want we can workout and jog together, those woods look interesting! The workout will be very distracting but not at the gym they may not like our growing bulges, but maybe they would? I see my friendïs cock starting to grow ïïïïïïïïïïïïïï.

Turn Offs

the screen freezing at the wrong *****ent sorry not a fan of piss and that sort of thing.

About myself

Some college
Marital Status:
Time spent online?:
An hour or so a day
Social Orientation:
Tobacco Consumption:
I'm a non-smoker
Alcohol Consumption:
I'm a light social drinker
Want kids?:
Not sure

About my Partner

Ideal partner:
someone you likes to jack together, explore each other"s body and erogenous zones ï give lots of pleasure and excitement with a few extras thrown in, role play fantasies (I"m the one in a jockstrap!)
Looking for:
For Activities:
1-on-1 sex
Partners genitals should be:
Tobacco Preference:
I dont want my partner to smoke
Alcohol Preference:
I dont mind if my partner drinks lightly

Physical Profile

Best Feature:
I like all my bodyparts!
Body Type:
Body builder
6 ft 1 in (185.42 cm)
200-209lbs (90.72 kg)
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Facial Hair:
Body Hair:
Pubic Hair:
Shaved or waxed to be neat
Hairy Bodyzones:
Treasure trail,
Body Decorations:
Glasses or Contacts:

Work & Living Environment

Full Time
Fast food,

Sexual Interests

Sexual Orientation:
Sexual Activities:
Butt Play,
Group Sex,
Giving Anal Sex,
Giving Oral Sex,
Mutual Masturbation,
Receiving Oral Sex,
Role Playing,
Sex, When?:
Late Night,
Sex, How often?:
Most Erogenous zones?:
Inner thigh,
Practice Safe Sex:
Role-playing fantasies:
Inner thigh,
Dirty talk during sex?:
Entirely depends on my mood
In the nature,
A dressing room,
My bed,
The beach,
Under a waterfall
Making home videos/pics:
Have a few videos of myself

Sexual Accessories

Toys Which?:
Butt plugs/probes,
Cock ring,


like lots of


I have several good ones just ask




most types

Favorite sexual fantasy

Cumming for 5 minutes after edging for hours

Activities (12)

Preview from VIDEO

Sleeve and wank


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Cock escapes again with cum

My cock is usually trying to get out of my un*****s. The constant hardons can mean a need for...


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Fantasy in the making

Check out by profile fantasy and tell me what happens next or I'll tell you.

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Cock in Pants - Cock Cumming

Lots of underwear play in maroon boxerbriefs with a usual and horney button fly. The buttons...


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Fab fat uncut cock, uncut best !!!!

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