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Shy lil girl sissy,virgin 38 seeks mommy in PA to keep me as her sissy 24/7

Sexy Women & Horse Hung Men leave me a sexy message or comment and tell me how u would want your shy lil g-i-r-l 2 please u sexy role play m-o-m-m-y or h-o-r-s-e hung role play d-a-d-d-y!

my name is Sissy. i"m a 38 yr old virgin single white male from pennsissylvania. i"m a lil g-i-r-l trapped in a mans body.i do luv everything feminine like stillettoes, stockings, sexy dresses, skirts & blouses,makeup,long polished press on nails,perfume,having my hair done pretty,.....i have an adult toddler fetish. i luv 2 b a little g-i-r-l in ankle socks, p-i-g-t-a-i-l-s or hairbands,lil g-i-r-l panties, shirley temple or school g-i-r-l outfits wit petticoats. i luv bein pampered, spoiled & having things bought 4 me. i luv bein called little g-i-r-l. i would luv 2 have people donate x-tube money 2 me or send me x-tube gifts. i also would luv 2 have a real sugar m-o-m-m-y 2 pamper, spoil & take care of me, luv me & keep me as her sissy 24 / 7 and encourage me into womanhood/encourage femininity gently without bondage or p-a-i-n & maybe make me into a real g-i-r-l.

i"m here 2 watch porn and think how nice it would b 2 really have some of u sexy l-a-d-i-e-s & possibly monster cock men dat i"ll probably never get the joy of meeting as friends and possibly playing wit,who knows maybe (hopefully) meet some sexy people 2 play wit,possibly even make some porn. i"m just a shy virgin lil g-i-r-l so b patient, gentle wit me and let me explore & just have a good time.the more i enjoy myself & enjoy u, the more u will enjoy urself & enjoy me. remember youre trying 2 get me 2 enjoy myself, like it & want more so b kind understanding, patient and gentle wit your shy lil g-i-r-l. seduce me. i"m not into p-a-i-n! only pleasure.if it feels good do it!

i wish i had & i definitely want 2 meet a sexy lady wit large breasts (especially milking) & a squirting pussy 2 feminize me as much as possible (read my blog "mmmm a nice dream" especially the first part), pamper me, treat me like a lil g-i-r-l, breast feed me, pussy feed me,teach me about sex by showin me how 2 please m-o-m-m-y sexually like a lil g-i-r-l.

every night i lay in my bed in my babydoll nightie,lacey panties & ankle socks and c-r-y myself 2 s-l-e-e-p cuz i don"t have a sexy m-o-m-m-y here 2 please and have pamper me & make me her good lil g-i-r-l. i"m so lonely because i"ll probablee always b a virgin, i"ve never had anyone sexy who will accept me & not only let me b the sissy lil g-i-r-l i want 2 b so badly but encourage it, help me and luv me 4 it as well.

i have never been wit a man and don"t know if i want 2, but i do get so turned on by and am attracted 2 REAL men dat are TALL, SLIM,extremely well defined, rock hard, smooth hairless body, wit Very long & thick cocks (especially uncircumsized). i might like 2 meet a nice, kind, gentleman like dat 2 explore with, have b my role play d-a-d-d-y, teach his virgin lil g-i-r-l about sex by having me watch him & m-o-m-m-y then join in a little before d-a-d-d-y lets me play with, try 2 please him like m-o-m-m-y, feed me cum. Please do NOT waste my time if u are not my type! i would like 2 meet men wit a cock dat are 12" length x 7" around at least, uncircumsized is a plus, the BIGGER the better,the BLACKER the better! i get so turned on by men who are very tall, slim, extremely well defined, rock hard, smooth hairless body, licorice black wit a big black outtie belly button and a very long, thick uncut cock that soft swings between his knees, but can get so hard it stands right up tight against his belly & chest on its own. i"m starting 2 think REAL men like i described don"t really exist, are only in adult videos and dats because they"re fake and dat big cock is just movie magic. if there is a REAL man like i described out there who wants 2 prove me wrong then i am waiting 4 u 2 prove 2 me REAL men exist & show me your OVER 12 inch long 7 inch or more around cock in person and let me hold it in my hands. Where are the REAL men at? Instead of masterbating your HUGE cock off why not let me do it 4 you till you can"t come anymore and i might even do more if u just let me explore!

i also would like 2 meet VERY sexy, extremely passable Transexual She-Males (especially Asian) who have a very feminine body & face wit large breasts,long hair preferably and a large cock (at least 10 inches) for friendship, 2 help feminize me & make me into a pretty lil g-i-r-l, and exploring wit. Someone who can understand how lonely it is being a b-o-y who luvs 2 be a lil g-i-r-l so much.

i do NOT have a webcam so please so not ask me 2 get on cam and i don"t have a digital camera so it"s very hard 2 take pictures of myself. so if u want 2 see more of me if you"re my type you"ll have 2 meet me & take more pics of me or wait till i do meet someone so i can have them take good pictures of me. i may try 2 take more self pictures sometime, but understand it is hard 2 get good sexy pictures of myself an get them developed.

if i could find the right nice,kind,understanding sexy l-a-d-i-e-s & possibly gentlemen like i am attracted 2 and i met them and i enjoyed myself i might even consider making videos!

Turn Ons

My Fetishs Are: Having a light skinned sexy lady keep me as a Sissy-b-o-y / Sissyslut in feminine sissy clothes 24/7, being a sissy todler lil g-i-r-l 24/7, being pampered & treated like a real toddler lil g-i-r-l, breast feeding & pussy nursing, watching sexy light skinned l-a-d-i-e-s breeding 12in x 7in + BBC and letting me lick all the cum out of her pussy & off her tits, being made to masterbate in front of sexy light skinned l-a-d-i-e-s while I"m kept as a sissy, 12in x 7in + (esp uncut) BBC men with rock hard well defined smooth hairless tar black b-o-d-i-e-s.

perfume, make up,long p-a-i-n-t-e-d press on nails, heels, stockings, panties, lingerie, being very feminine wit gorgeous l-a-d-i-e-s 2 b my m-o-m-m-y an play wit me like i was their lil g-i-r-l, breast milk, g-i-r-l-s who can really have hugely gushing orgasms, shaved pussy, large breasts, sexy not sloppy g-i-r-l-s .

men wit MONSTER cocks (especially uncut), low hanging balls (especially black men the darker the better),well defined rock hard smooth hairless body.
4 example da porn star Mandingo is 1 of my favorite porn stars & his cock is so sexy i would luv 2 explore wit a cock like his.

maybe explore and play wit a big man like his lil g-i-r-l. i may consider holding his extra long extra thick cock while he pees and masturbating him off. I LOVE THE SIGHT OF HUGE MONSTER COCK and WANT SO BADLY 2 SEE, TOUCH, FEEL, TASTE A REAL ONE 2 SEE HOW MUCH I WOULD LIKE IT. i do like big cocks of all kinds including sexy young white t-w-i-n-k-s & she-males wit huge cocks, i just luv sexy big cocks 10+ inches da BIGGER da better!..

sexy explicit comments and messages from sexy women an huge cock men telling me what u would like 2 do wit this shy lil g-i-r-l in detail!!

sexy women making videos 4 me 2 see of them squirting 4 me (like they would in my mouth) while they look at my pictures an tell me how they would have me please them if they were my m-o-m-m-y!

men wit HUGE cocks making videos for me 2 see of them cumming huge loads on my pictures telling me wat they would do wit me if they were my *****dy!

i luv the sight of a h-o-r-s-e-s HUGE cock and would luv 2 have a real h-o-r-s-e dat i could at least hold his HUGE h-o-r-s-e cock in my tiny g-i-r-l-i-e hands and masterbate him off till he cums,maybe more depending on how much i like it!

Turn Offs

people who cant b discreet!!!
pushy people who cant take no 4 an answer,
rude people,
i dont like ANY masculine on masculine stuff only masculine man on woman or on very feminine ts/tg/tv & the only way i could ever be wit a man is if i can b a lil g-i-r-l,
tiny cocks less than 12 inches long on men,
bad teeth,
bad breath,
body odor,
bad hygiene,

About myself

Marital Status:
Tobacco Consumption:
I'm a heavy social smoker
Alcohol Consumption:
I don't drink at all

About my Partner

Ideal partner:
i wish i had & i definitely want 2 meet a sugar m-o-m-m-y who is kind, understanding, gentle & patient who will encourage & enjoy feminizing me as much as possible and take good care of me like a real little g-i-r-l so dat i have NOTHING else 2 do except b her purty little g-i-r-l, keeping me as her sissy lil ***** all the time 24/7. a sexy lady wit large breasts (especially milking) & a squirting pussy 2 feminize me as much as possible (read my blog "mmmm a nice dream" especially the first part), pamper me, treat me like a lil g-i-r-l, breast feed me, pussy feed me, teach me about sex by showing me how 2 please m-o-m-m-y sexually like a lil g-i-r-l and help me explore all my fantasys so i can feel how good it can feel 2 be a lil g-i-r-l so dat i will want 2 do it more.
Looking for:
Pretty important
Does size matter?:
Size is all I care about!

Physical Profile

Body Type:
5 ft 10 in (177.8 cm)
180-189lbs (81.65 kg)
Hair Length:
Mid-back length
Facial Hair:
Pubic Hair:
Shaved or waxed to be neat
Body Decorations:

Entertainment, Sports and Hobbies

Movie Categories:
Music Styles:
Rock 'n Roll

Sexual Interests

Sexual Orientation:
Sexually Daring:
I'm curious
Sexual Activities:
Age Play,
Giving Oral Sex,
Mutual Masturbation,
Role Playing
Sex, When?:
Late Night,
Sex, How often?:
Most Erogenous zones?:
Inner thigh,
Role-playing fantasies:
Inner thigh,
Dirty talk during sex?:
Is a must during sex!
My bed
Making home videos/pics:
I'd consider doing

Sexual Accessories

Willing to experiment
Toys Which?:
Cock ring,
Food for play:
Food is for eating!
Bondage Gear:
Not into bondage
Porn Movies, Which?:
Busty women,
Teen (18+),
Porn Movies, With?:
By myself,
Wish my partner would watch with me
Porn Movies, How often?:
All the time!


dressing up pretty wit make up and perfume and long p-a-i-n-t-e-d nails, acting very feminine and masturbating thinking about gorgeous porn star type g-i-r-l-s playin wit me and maybe some sexy porn star type men 2 have me & the porn star type g-i-r-l-s play wit them .


F-o-r-c-e-d Womanhood Magazine, E-n-f-o-r-c-e-d Femininity Magazine, Enslaved Sissy Magazine ,..a few other good Centurian Publications are would b awesome 2 have some sexy playmates 2 try some of dat wit.if u like TS u should check out these publications!

Favorite sexual fantasy

Having sexy women & pretty lil g-i-r-l-s feminize me, sissify me, treating me like a lil g-i-r-l, pamper me and teach me how to act like a lil g-i-r-l, teaching me how to make lesbian love with them, having me breast feed and pussy feed, light ***** such as laughing at my tiny penis and telling me I could never please a woman like a real man which is why I need to be a lil g-i-r-l, doing most of the stuff in my "The Dream Life", "Prissy", "Sexy Fun People", "My Dreams", "More Of My Dreams", "Even More Of My Dreams" photo albums.

Activities (51)

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i'm so lonely & confused. another yer gone an i'm still a virgin, i never met anyone that...

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2 days ago shylilgirltv

cum on all u sexy l-a-d-i-e-s, passable transsexuals an men (esp bbc men!)
wit 12 inches or more i wish i could see ur videos of u orgasmin on my photos
tellin me what u want 2 do to me, or even leave ur most explicit xxx comments on
my profile, blogs & photos, and personal messages tellin me wat u would do wit me if u had
me 2 b ur good lil g-i-r-l. i'm so bored on here no one sexy wants me
even on here wit all these people :'( i'm so eager 2 b a good lil g-i-r-l
yet it seems no one i like wants me, i'm so lonely for companionship & human contact. :'(

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1 month ago easy2learn

 Extremely HOT !  transform me !  :)

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5 months ago ireg

Your profile is amazing! I'm a fan!

shylilgirltv 5 months ago

tnks, i just wish i could meet nice real people like those in my photos, my favourite photos & favourite videos. i hope evry 1 on here finds what they r looking 4

(1 votes) 100%


1 year ago mayunaina

Thank you for adding me

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1 year ago rickitease

Thanks for sharing those horney illustrations, darling!

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