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Hi to all

About myself:
i am a chinese ***** that love older men from 25-35 who like to teach me more. i am a bi-sexual which love both guys and gals.i will create my personal blog lately, you will be able to post a "shout" over there and share with me your thoughts or follow me there.

Love this story by sonicbrad:

After weeks of being dominated by my Master, we were about to meet face to face for the firs time. I had a very clear image in my head on how this day would turn out, we had played out this scene many times since meeting online 5 weeks ago and now I am here, standing at Masters front door, building up the courage to knock the 3 times as I was instructed in the email that I received upon my arrival home from work last night. I would always try and get out of the office as close to 5pm as I could, rushing home to log on and chat to Master, Last night when he wasn"t waiting for me to log on I had a vacant feeling about me, as I went about my checking email and saw one from Sir, I knew right away that our relationship was somehow about to change. Master had always greeted me as soon as I logged online today was the first time he wasn"t online, thinking this strange suspected that something was about to change. I opened the email and started to read:


You are probably wondering why I"m not online as you read this, but rest assured I am just that this email could possibly my last contact with you, although this is completely in your hands. I have enjoyed our sessions and training you to be the sub slut that has been hiding inside you, but now we will see just how honest you have been with yourself and more importantly your Master. Boi do you relise that living so close to you and not having had any real life contact with you has made my cock leak endless amounts of cum with just the thoughts I have, of you between my legs worshipping my cock. Boi for me it has been a eventful five weeks since I found your personal ad, and now you are required to decide if you want to make your fantasies become reality. If you don"t think you are ready to take the next step into your submission, then I wish you happiness in the future and wish you luck in your quest to find the right Dominate for you, as this will be my last correspondence with you. However now knowing you as I do, even if only through cyberspace, know that you are ready to submit to me fully, offering your mind and body to your Master for complete Training. If your decision is to become my submissive, you WILL follow the instructions below precisely.

You are required to be at my front door at 10am tomorrow morning not a minute earlier or later. I would imagine your cock is rock hard as you read this, leaking excessive amounts of precum from your lack of ejaculations lately. When was the last time I allowed you to cum boi?....Monday night from memory. Between now and when you arrive at my house you are forbidden to be online at any stage, as I have a few tasks for you to complete in preparation of our meeting. 1 You are to shower, whilst cleaning yourself not touching your cock other than with the soap you are to shave all of you body hair from neck down, I will be inspecting you to see how well you have kept yourself and I will be able to tell if you haven"t been shaving as regularly as previously instructed. 2 Douche your boi hole and when you think your clean enough, slide two fingers up your hole, work them around your hole for a bit, take them out and lick them clean, so I advise you to make sure you clean your hole good. 3 Once you are clean, dry and very sexually frustrated go to your bedroom and select your favorite butt plug, lick it suck it get it as wet as you can before sticking it into your hole where it will be me that removes it tomorrow sometime. 4 Spending the rest of the night keeping yourself occupied by any means other than touching yourself or using your computer, I suggest watching a good porn on dvd, you are to be in bed at 10 pm and wake no later than 8.30am. 5 Wearing only a light shirt jeans and trainers you are to taxi to my address and wait on the street until the appointed time at my front door. You are to knock loudly 3 times then try and open the door, if you are to early or late the door will be locked and I will think that your decision to end our relationship. 6 Upon entering you are to strip completely, fold your clothes neatly leaving them on the chair in the hallway, kneel in the inspection position until such time as I chose to fetch you.

Hopefully I will see you tomorrow as I"m looking forward to Training you as my boi and to make your fantasies become reality.


As I raised my hand to the door, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, I knew that I was doing the right thing although scared *****less reached for the knob and opened the door. Everything happened so fast as I was kneeling in this strange hallway, thoughts running so fast through my that I couldn"t even remember stripping. I don"t know how long I made to wait before seeing Sirs feet in front of me, but my knees were getting sore and welcomed the simple command " STAND" For the first time I noticed what a hunk of a man my Master was, standing at least 2 inches above me and a little broader in the shoulders than I. "I"m glad you decided to come today boi" he said " You realise that by being here today that you are giving me control of your life outside of your work, to use you as my sex toy and be available for me to use as I see fit. I"m going to give you one last chance to leave if you don"t think you can submit. However if this is what you defiantly want you are to come to the lounge get down on all fours in front of me spreading your ass showing me the plug that is filling you, that I bet you"d forgotten about, you have 2 minutes to make your decision".

Upon entering the lounge I could sense your happiness as I moved into the position that you had previously described signaling that was ready to submit to my first Master. As I knelt down before yourself in your presence for the first time the feelings I was having were indescribable, as I lay there ass *****, head on the ground as I reached back to spread my ass checks as instructed show you the butt plug you had me insert the previous night.

Being so openly on display I soon relised the power you had over me both physically and mentally as I felt you spank the butt plug immediately jolting my mind back to the situation I now found myself in, the shock told me that now I am nothing more than a toy for Sir. We had had many cyber sessions playing the scene of our first encounter and Sir was playing for all he could. This being my first gay experience Sir wanted to make sure that I would never forget all my firsts. "boi turn around and face me in the inspection position" he said. I had been in this position many times online, now here I am kneeling, knees spread as far as possible arms behind my back and head slightly bowed, looking at for the first time Sirs cock in real life hanging deliciously framed by his leather chaps within inches of my face.

"Do you like what you see boi?" Im asked.

"Yes Sir"

"I bet you cant wait to taste my seed slut boi" knowing that the only cum I have tasted previously is my own.

"No I cant wait Sir"

"You know you have to earn the right to have this cock between your lips slut" you continue to tease me.

"I want you to pull out your plug while kneeling once you have it out you know the rule about anything that has been in your ass you clean with your tongue before setting it down anywhere boi"

"Yes Sir I remember"

"Good boi" you say as you watch me bring the plug to my mouth for cleaning, fortunately it pretty clean as I haven"t eaten since douching last night.

"Boi you"d better get used to the taste of ass" you say as you turn around giving me a perfect view of your ass "Put the butt plug down and get to work on my man hole boi" you demand.

"Yes Sir" I reply eagerly spreading your checks as I start to attack your hole with my tongue.

"Deeper boi, get that tongue in deeper, taste my stink" Sir says as he grinds his ass on my face. "How does it feel finally being where you belong boi? I want to feel that tongue slut, deeper, deeper"

After a good 5 mins of ass worship Sir stands up and turns to face me once more. He looks down and sees my hard-on, that hadn"t been soft since reading my instructions the previous night, and gently slaps it from side to side.

"Your cock looks like it wants some attention, pity it wont be cumming any time soon, maybe I just milk you so you are continually dripping precum you dirty slut." "Would you like that boi" Sir said in a manner that was more a statement of what would happen rather than that of a question.

While playing with my cock Sir worked my cock and balls into a leather cock ring, doing so with a wicked grin on his face, that scared me as I realised just how vulnerable I am to him. I kept on reminding myself that this is what I had wanted for so long, to let someone else have complete control of my body, dominate my mind and my body. I was quickly becoming aware of the power Sir already had over my mind. When he would order me to do something and the speed of which I would comply.

"Lick my fingers slave" as Sir brought his hands to my mouth "You like the taste of cum do you boi?"

I replied with a simple nod of the head.

"Start licking my balls boi, Yeah that"s it suck them into your mouth" you encouraged me. "What is it like mouthing a real mans cock boi?" "Lick my shaft, get your tongue working good slut"

All I keep thinking of is how I must look kneeling in front of this hunk of a man licking and sucking my first cock worshipping it as if under some kind of spell.

Sir told me not to let his cock out of my mouth while he moved to sit down. He told me how good it was to look down between his legs, seeing and feeling me sucking his cock, to finally have me as his real life boi. I commented on my cock sucking saying that all the practice with the dildos seams to have paid off. He told me that he wanted to feel the end of my throat and that I was not to gag or else there would be *****ment. I tried as well as I could but just couldn"t seem to deep throat his monster penis. I soon felt his hand on my head making me deeper onto his tool which led to me gagging and nearly *****. I sensed this was his plan so he could give me my first *****ment. I continued to mouth his cock until he was ready cum and saying that as this was his first load for me, he was gonna shoot over my face to mark me as his cum slut. Just hearing the tone of how he spoke to me let me know that I wanted to serve this man in everyway.

Pumping my face faster and faster Sir finally pulled out and started jerking his cock towards my face "Are you ready boi? Ready to accept your place as my cum slut, my boi hole" he panted at me

"Yes Sir please feed me your cum, spray my face with your seed Sir"

As quick as I could get the words from my mouth I felt the first bit sperm land across my lip and nose, amazed at how hot it was. Sirs covered my face with his seed squirt after squirt, wondering when it would end. My instincts made me raise my hand to start cleaning my face but Sir was quicker and slapped my hand away telling me that I was not to touch it and what I couldn"t reach with my tongue was to leave it to dry.

Sir had me kneel between his legs and keep my eyes on his cock. This only served to start my mind racing thinking of how good cock felt and tasted sliding in and out of my mouth. After a silence of at least 30 minutes me enduring this mental cock worship, Master asked " What are you boi"

"I am your boi Sir, a cum slut for you to use, a boi hole for your pleasure" I responded.

"Boi if you think you are up for it I would like you to stay all weekend and I will drop you home Monday morning in time for you to get to work" Master asked.

I was quick to accept his offer knowing that this would be the first of many weekends I would be spending serving my new Master.

thx for loving my pics and videos, if you like my profile or my videos, u may just drop me a msg or make a donation, i will keep more videos coming in:)

Turn Ons

man from 30-45, dominant tops, hairy chest and pubes, fleshy cockhead, sweaty pits, masters, hairy balls

women from 20-30, lean and tall, shaved pussy, bubble butt, smooth, beautiful eyes

Turn Offs

poor hygiene

About myself

Marital Status:
Time spent online?:
Several hours a day
Social Orientation:
Very Liberal
Alcohol Consumption:
I'm a light social drinker

About my Partner

Looking for:
For Activities:
Erotic Chat/Email/Phone Fantasies,
Exhibitionism & Voyeurism,
Other "Alternative" Activities
Pretty important
Partners genitals should be:
Does size matter?:
Average is all I need!
Tobacco Preference:
I dont want my partner to smoke
Alcohol Preference:
I dont mind if my partner drinks lightly

Physical Profile

Best Feature:
I like all my bodyparts!
Body Type:
6 ft 0 in (182.88 cm)
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Crew Cut
Facial Hair:
Body Hair:
Pubic Hair:
Unshaved and bushy
Hairy Bodyzones:
Treasure trail,
Glasses or Contacts:

Entertainment, Sports and Hobbies

Sports Orientation:
Exercise regularly

Sexual Interests

Sexual Orientation:
Sexually Daring:
I'll try most anything once
Sexual Activities:
Giving Anal Sex,
Mutual Masturbation,
Receiving Anal Sex,
Receiving Oral Sex,
Role Playing,
Sex, How often?:
At least once a week
Most Erogenous zones?:
Practice Safe Sex:
Role-playing fantasies:
Dirty talk during sex?:
Entirely depends on my mood
Making home videos/pics:
Both pics and video is required to play with me


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