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I'd bet that if you saw me face and all, you would assume my age to be quite a bit less than the actual, since this has been the usual. I suppose my size, mannerisms and personality are contributing factors.

I come to Xtube only to view and post comments on pics (photos) and vids (videos) posted here, to vote on such pics and vids and on members here, and to make friends and communicate with them (or anyone else) by way of email. Therefore, I do not come to Xtube to seek opportunities to engage physically with anyone. However, I do not imply that any of this won't change someday.

Hmm! I just thought of the idea of members going around specializing in doing the cam shooting for other members (and for free at that). This includes any editing work and such. Perhaps I'll do so myself if asked to. Additional ideas for this, that I've just thought of this very day, are: If desired, I use my own equipment. Also, the client need not pay me for anything, and that includes my own travel expenses and materials. This also includes the recordings and the way the recordings are given to the client (whether they're given on discs, transferred to the clients computer, etc.). The reason I'd accept such terms is that I feel that the privilege of witnessing the performance, and the option of making and keeping copies of its recordings (for my own viewing only, and I'd do my utmost to prevent any compromise of any of the recordings to anyone else), is payment enough for me. I'll give the possibility of all of this some more thought though.

I've sometimes submitted a friendship invitation to another member, even if I suspected that that member would reject it and wouldn't want such friendship status with me. In such cases, this I've done usually only to try to get that member to read my profile, never the less. Another reason is that whether I do or do not expect to receive such a friendship, the response, whether it's a rejection, or the friendship is promptly granted, or even a delay in granting such a friendship. does provide a bit of feedback never the less. I must now make it clear that I think such a delay could indicate aspects of the person that are either positive or negative. For example, it may be that such a delay is due to the person's simply being careful, as apposed to his or her simply being lethargic. Nevertheless, of every such submission, I wanted and wished for the friendship regardless, and therefore always wished to be proved wrong about that member when it came to this.

I've just thought of an idea, which is, that some people who know more than one language could sort of hire themselves out to translate for members of such websites as XTube, sexual messages of members to or from other members. Perhaps a website such as this could implement and conduct such a plan. Although there are on-line translators available on such search engine as Google and Bing. Never the less, there are languages that are difficult to translate, even for these translators.

Although there's an excessive amount written in the turn offs of this profile, I hope you do read this profile with an open mind. Also, for anyone who has difficulty reading a large amount, such as in this profile, I suggest reading only a comfortable portion at a time, each with a comfortable interval, and recall, before continuing. One helpful idea is to *****light all the text at hand, then copy & paste it into a word file, save the file, them print it out for such reading.

I had been unable to post comments on vids here and to send emails on Xtube. However, it seems that these two problems have been recently reme*****d. Another problem, pertains to the formatting of my profile page, which is that the paragraphs in the "turn-offs" were far below on the page, in this column, & yes, I did report it. Never the less, I thought of a way I can solve the problem myself by creating my own "Turn Offs" section within this section, then transferring all in the old Turn offs section to this new one.

I do update and modify this profile whenever I feel the need to, and I'll admit that so far, it has been often and frequent. The most recent update was done on 10-11-2015. Hmm! I've just thought of the idea of another member's using this continuous updating in a sort of game of guessing what was changed, added, or deleted, each time this date is changed. LOL!

Turn Offs

It's my intention that in all of this "Turn Offs" section, nothing pertains to such matters as, types & manners of sex, & so forth. With that said, the following are my Turn Offs.

the wearing of socks, stockings, nylons, or any hosiery and/or any foot ware that hide and cover all the feet and soles.

Ignorance. My definition of ignorance is to either dislike learning or to dislike making the effort to learn, such as, to dislike reading, listening, examining, etc. I like the quote of another XTube member (blkpstar), which is, "...keep an open mind in order not to miss out on life.ï You should try it" One hint of such shortcomings, is a complaint about the amount written in this profile. Another hint of such shortcomings in many members here, that I find, is that many members won't even take enough interest in other members to read XTube profiles & XTube PMs (private messages) sent to them from other members (I now believe that in some such cases with PMs, the members are not all to blame, because of 2 flaws I found in XTube's PM page & system, & yes, I did report & explain them in the feedback section near the bottom of this page, & of course, I will mention any corrections and/or good explanations here). Therefore, another turn off is a member's using settings that purposely make it difficult for a member who's without friendship status with him or her, to send him or her (the recipient) a message in a way that provides some assurance that the recipient will receive & read it. That is of course, unless this member does make it known on his or her profile, that he or she does read all XTube PMs sent to him or her, & that he or she reads the profiles of all members who submit to him or her, friendship requests. This also applies to blocking another member, because apparently it also has such restricting effects. Therefore, I've submitted a suggestion that such blocking should at least allow private communication between the two members, & that there be a separate way of blocking such private communication (useful if, for example, theres any signs of negativity & such that provides reason for such blocking). Another turn off is, rejection, because of misunderstandings that are due to a language barrier, of which there's no apparent effort made by the recipient to try to understand by such actions as, obtaining a good translation. Another turn off that goes well in this paragraph is stubbornness. Obviously, any of this in this paragraph can cause assumption.

Assumption & lack of forethought, and such is the main cause of all the turn offs of 1. thru 4. below.

1. Not trying to learn ones au*****nce (or customers if applicable), In this case the most helpful aspects to learn is, details the au*****nce wants to see in sex pics or sex vids. If one did probe and study this, one would probably find that when it comes to this, not everyone shares the same likes and tastes. From what I've seen of pics and vids here, and from other sources, it seems that many who make and post sex pics and/or vids have never given any of this any thought, and therefore, *****ly assume that when it come to such matters, everyone's likes and tastes is exactly alike, and therefore exactly like their own. Such people would tend to leave out (or even omit) aspects of their pics or vids that are of no sexual interest to themselves, again, because they wrongfully assume that what doesn't sexually interest themselves also doesn't sexually interest anyone else. Then there's the type who leaves out & omits such aspects because of all this combined with modesty. Even if such a person is one who enjoys seeing such aspects, concerns about suspicion, reactions & such from others who might think negatively of such fetishes, combined with a lack of knowledge that an abundance of other people also enjoy seeing such aspects, might cause him or her to avoid any emphasis of such body parts in his or her vids or pics. Such turn offs in this paragraph are the most likely cause of other turn offs listed here, such as turn offs 2. and 3. below this paragraph. I've found such shortcomings in some of the works of both amateurs and professionals. For examples, many member type porn websites have no provisions for its members to express to all other members and viewers, his or her likes & tastes, unlike Xtube which does. Most other such websites provide nothing more than a way of voting and commenting on a posting there. Most Porn production establishments don't even so much as provide an email address to enable the sending of such feedback to them, neither on their DVDs and such, or on their websites. For such reasons, naturally I tend to think more of those who post pics and/or vids on such a website as Xtube, who also ask on their profiles for such feedback.

2. The absence or omissions of in any part of a vid (or any pics of the gallery) in question, certain body parts of the person performing or posing, such as his or her feet or soles, especially if it's due to one or more of the turn offs in both the previous and the next paragraph.

3. One problem is camera distance and/or *****m. For example, if the camera is always positioned or *****med in too close in all of the vid (or gallery if pics) to ever include certain body parts (such as the feet) or the whole body in it, therefore, never *****ming out enough, or moving the camera away far enough, to include certain body parts or the whole body. Some in the au*****nce prefer close ups, because they like the emphasis on the performers' sexual organs engaged in the sex. However, others in the au*****nce prefer seeing the whole bo*****s of the performers while so engaged. Then there are others in the au*****nce who like both. It's possible to increase the percentage of satisfied viewers of a vid or set of pics, by, while making such a vid (or gallery), making sure that it accommodates the likes and tastes of all three types of viewers just mentioned. For this, I recommend that the vid (or gallery) have an even mixture of close ups with full body shots. For this, the room or area in and around the performers must be spacious enough to accommodate such camera operation. The performer or model can be of help in getting his or her body parts in the pic or vid by the way he or she bends and/or positions his or her legs and such. The model can also help by telling the camera person about this profile and such ideas written in it, or even perhaps having him or her read it (either on-line or printed out on paper) if possible. Another such problem pertain to camera height & position. For example, camera pointed too much upward, therefore filming, shooting, or recording too much of the upper wall in the pic or vid, and consequently not enough of the performer or poser in the pic or vid (Also, camera pointing too far to the left or right to include certain body parts.). Another is camera not held or standing ***** enough above bed height for a good view of the body and details. Another is, items on the bed (blankets, pillows, etc.) that are blocking the view of certain body parts. Another turn off pertains to camera panning. When panning the body (or bo*****s) of one or more performers or models, whether is vertically or horizontally (which of course depends on whether the person or persons are standing, sitting, laying down, etc.), it's disappointing if the camera is not paned in a way that also provides a good view of the feet & toes, whether it's panning towards the feet & toes, then eventually showing such body parts, or in the opposite direction, which of course could begin with the the showing of such body parts. Another problem could be that the camera's position (side view, rear view front view, top view, etc.) could be better, or that for the vid in question, there should be more of a variety of such positions. All of this also applies to vids made by a camera in a fixed *****m and position (In other words, no camera man). For such a fixed camera, one can do two or more vids, of which in some of the vids, the camera is set up for close up viewing. Therefore, of the others, the camera is set up for full body viewing. Another option is to record a vid using two of more fixed cameras together, with the cameras set at different positions from one another, Then use a video editing program to edit the scenes from the various cameras (or various vids) then put the resulting edited scenes together, to form a single vid.

4. No pattern of attempted improvements in problems with pics or vids, such as in lighting (as if putting a simple lamp near the camera, or taping or strapping a small battery powered light onto the camera is too clever to think of. Also, when all is positioned whereas light sources, such as sunlight, shine towards the front of the camera.),

5. Not trying to learn how to use a video editing program, nor how to use a photo editing program, to improve a vid or pic. Most computers already have such editing programs available in them, and such programs have many features and capabilities (although some have more than others and so forth). I often use such a program to modify a posted pic or vid from Xtube or another web sight, to better see the details in it. For example, I may adjust the shadow and brightness of such a pic or vid. However, I would modify another person's pic or vid for my own viewing only. An example of a good use of a video editing program is to improve and shorten a vid by removing idle segments of time that's in it. I've read other members complaints or implications of crooks copying pics or vids of other members, then posting them elsewhere (such as on the crook's own Xtube profile) and labeling the works as if the crook were the creator of them. One way to solve this problem is to use such a picture or video editing program, to place a written caption onto the pic or vid. For this, I recommend that the caption be the true creators user name, and placed where it can not be cropped off, such as on top of a body part of one of the performers in the pic or vid. Therefore, even if a crook uses another members vid or pic as mentioned, if the true creator has applied this caption method to it, no matter where the crook posts it, the caption would clearly reveal who the true creator of it is. Of any such use of a caption in this way, I'd hope that the caption doe not cover something I like to see, such as tits, butt, pussy, penis, or feet. Also, I recommend the the caption be of a thin font, because it would be less conspicuous, yet just as effective. Also for this reason, I also recommend that the caption be made translucent, which is of course an available option in most computers as well.

6. not trying to learn better techniques to photograph one's self, such as the use of a camera's timer to allow time to position ones self in front of the camera. Another technique, is not to use a camera, but to use a web cam with a computer. An external web cam is more flexible and therefore better, and many external web cams are inexpensive, and if the computer is portable, such as a laptop, there are even more advantages. Another technique is to do various poses while video recording yourself, then use a video editing program to take snapshots (also called stills) of certain frames of that vid, then use such stills as photos.

7. not providing an alternative way of communication, such as an email address (unless the member has a reason not to provide it). I also notice that there's much more occurrences here of members seeking pay for their postings. Apparently, no-one on any website is thinking about ways to increase customers, & therefore profits, by assuring potential customers good or improved web privacy & web security. One example of a means to accomplish this is for such a vender to somehow teach potential customers how to maintain anonymity in purchasing such x-rated merchandise. Another is to make it easier to purchase in such ways. One example of a means to accomplish this is, honoring gift cards as a method of payment, & making sure that the website's system has no problems with such. Another is to make it so that the website's system accepts a payment by way of more then one gift card (thus, enabling the use of used gift cards that still have money left in them) sort of the way XTube provides the option of having an account that one can add money to. As for my purchasing such material, considering my experiences with such, I won't consider purchasing such, unless I'm assured that at least about 30% of the vid or pic set accommodates & satisfies my likes & tastes, & that the merchandise consists of a reasonable amount of vid & pics. Also I tend not to trust samples & such.

8. any statement or such that depicts a person as lacking in beauty or appeal, and my main reason is that such a statement would be an opinion and not a fact.

9. Stubborn ignorance about some fetishes such as those in my turn-ons, especially if it causes negative feelings and negative judgment about it and/or refusal to accommodate such likes and tastes. Obviously, such negativity can be caused by a lack of knowledge about it, fear, modesty, etc. Also, it apparently never occurred to such people that everyone who customarily goes to such a web sight as Xtube does have some sort of sexual taste that many people who don't would think of as strange, and that some such tastes are stranger then others. Therefore, another of my turn-offs is, a members revealing negative thoughts & feeling about other members because they're, homosexuals, bisexuals, or even closet queens.

10. Refusal to communicate with or befriend another member because of possible fear of being thought of by others, as a homosexual or bi-sexual, or as bi-curious. Also, showing the assumption (and/or fear) that the other member (usually myself) is seeking such a sexual engagement with him or her. Also, showing signs of such paranoia on their profile.

11. Negative statements and/or judgment of members here because of such aspects as, their age, their extent of participation here, equipment & physique, listed turn-ons like some of mine, etc. In some cases, this could also apply to ones sexual and/or social preferences.

12. Assuming that another has nothing to offer in a friendship on this web sight, simply because the person doesn't have or provide what you seek on this sight.

13. negative feelings & policies towards another member, because of the lack of a pic or vid, of that other members postings, that shows that other members face, which of course is related to my dislike of negative thoughts & feeling about closet queens. This brings to mind, my wish for firms to make & sell comfortable full head latex masks that are designed for such privacy. I've seen very little of such for sale, & most are designed for extreme fetishes and such. Therefore, what I have in mind are full head latex masks that are specifically designed for sexual privacy, & are therefore more comfortable and so forth. Such masks could even have sex appeal, such as, sexy eyes & lips, etc. Another contributing idea for this is for some such masks to be of known characters, such as, Simpson's cartoon characters, Wonder Woman, etc. I derived the idea of such masks from an X-rated movie I saw in the very late 1970s, in which one of the female performers wore a simple full head latex clown mask while giving a man a blow-job. I found this performance so erotic that I still do to this day. Therefore, yes, I have searched on the web for such a mask. Well so far, I've found that just about all latex clown masks on the market are not suitable for such a purpose, mainly because they're designed for horror and Halloween. Two pics I posted on this profile page shows such ideas as in this paragraph. Hmm! I've just derived the idea that it might be best for any producers and/or merchants of such masks to refrain from blatantly revealing to the potential buyers and consumers (and to the public), the specific purpose of such masks, therefore, mainly leaving it to them to figure it out for themselves. I imagine that such a policy could help to reduce problems pertaining to ***** people and so forth.

Yes, of the last 3 turn offs (11, 12, & 13), if you look for it, you'll find some here who show such negative feelings & policies in their profiles. Such members seem to have forgotten or disregarded the adage of walking in another's shoes to know that other person's situation and any experiences that affect that person (As I've mentioned, this could also apply to ones sexual and/or social preferences.). Also many simply seem to give it no thought that people arrive here for various reasons, and what's wrong with that?

Also, I find that such negativity for a member because of the lack of such postings and/or such in any of their postings, is another indication of assumption & lack of forethought. Such negativity is due to the assumption that this other member will never provide such postings in the future, simply because he or she may have not done so yet. It seems at if this person is being rushed to do so.

According to some profiles, some have the notion or idea that members who don't post pics and/or vids here should not have the benefit of seeing such postings of those who do. My answer to this is that this web sight is for a variety of types of members, and two of these types are: exhibitionists, and those who come to see and enjoy the stuff these exhibitionists post. These exhibitionists are obviously aware that those who see their works on this web sight are not required to post pics or vids, yet they enjoy having such other people see their works regardless, otherwise they wouldn't be posting their works here. Now would they?

I for example, and as I've already stated, come here to view, vote on, and comment on pics or vids here, and make and communicate with friends here. I'm limited to these endeavors, and it is due to my situation (at least this is my present stance and situation). I suppose that it is like sports, of which some are players while others are spectators, and some of the spectators for one or more reasons couldn't be players in the game even if they wanted to.

My statements in just about all of my profile, pertain only to what I come here for. Therefore, the statements of one who arrives here for different reasons, such as, for example, seeking out other members for physical sexual engagements with them, would of course probably be very different. Again I challenge anyone to find fault with any of this. Therefore, since my plans don't involve any physical engagement, aspects such as my age, gender, sexual orientation, should not matter. Also, what may be a turn off (or turn on) to one person, could of course be the opposite to someone else. Again I challenge anyone to find fault with any of this.

Another turn off is that there have been those who apparently either won't read my profile or won't read it carefully enough, or take too lightly what is said in it. This has sometimes caused problems that pertain mostly to what I visit XTube for, and my explanation of my limitations described in the two previous paragraphs. However, I'm open to any advice and enlightenment of ideas that can decrease any of the limitations described. That is, provided I feel that you've read and understand the limitation described here.

Turn Ons

Shapely men or women & nice ass & legs. Buxom or chubby men or women, with big ass (especially when that ass is sticking out & up to the camera, therefore, up in my face), Such ass and body parts made shiny by such things as oil or lotion. big tits, & big legs. A large or small penis (I find that each of these two types of penis has its own particular advantages, attributes, and appeal.) I find other blacks (male or female) most appealing, perhaps because that's what I'm most accustomed to.

When it comes to lingerie on a female (or male), I Like the types that are sheer & simple in design. Two reasons are that such lingerie tends to show more of the wearer's body & provide easy installation, and easy access to all of the wearer's body parts. One example of such, is a sleeveless shoulder-less sheer flaring babydoll type, consisting of nothing other than one hem around the top, that comfortably surrounds the body under the arms but just above the tits, & one hem around the bottom, very wide & flaring around the hip area. However, I'd like such a lingerie to have a marabou type fur border around the bottom. Such an outfit would be held up by either two thin straps, or elastic in the top hem. I'd Like this even more if combined with such items and aspects as: female jewelry (necklaces, earrings, wrist and/or ankle bracelets, finger and/or toe rings, etc.), especially flashy jewelry, & makeup such as eye shadow, lip stick, & false eyelashes, especially if it's flashy.

bare feet, bare soles, and/or bare toes (especially how displayed). Bare feet and especially bare soles made shinny by such things as oil or lotion. I like *****ted toenails, especially if they are flashy, & the fingernails match. Why even my observing my own feet would turn me on a bit. Therefore, my observing my posted pics of myself would turns me on. Some have told me of their fear of showing their feet, because they believe that their feet are either unattractive or not well maintained. To this, all I can think of is to suggest soaking them sometimes, because I know soaking works to maintain then well. For me to become turned off at a pare of feet, they would need to be so deformed or damaged that they're even scary. I even find bunions to be an addition to the sexual appeal of a pare of feet, especially when it comes to the soles of such feet. Also, I like dirty or clean soles.

Depending on certain conditions (such as, they're not too dirty), I'd enjoy licking & sucking another's toes & in between them, combined with sucking & licking, while lightly scrapping (using my teeth), the soles and heels, & yes, the balls of his or her feet, while he or she flexes the soles by curling the toes up. Yes, I'll admit that I enjoy both doing such & such done to me, Oh yea!

To figuratively explain my sexual likes and tastes, when it comes to the feet combined with other sexual assets, I compare such to a delicious cake. To me, one or more of a person's sexual assets (butt, legs, tits, etc.) could make his or her vid or pic quite sexy, somewhat like certain ingre*****nts & ways of baking, can add to the tastiness of a cake. Likewise, to me, including the sight of the feet, & in the ways described in this profile, in the vid or pic, would mostly likely be like adding delicious icing to the cake, thus making the cake even more tasty.

Also, when watching a person perform, whether the performance pertains to sex or not, I enjoy it more if the performer seems to be unaware of, or indifferent of, my watching him or her. This also pertains to any aspects of him or herself, such as the display of mannerisms, or certain body parts, in certain ways. Because of this, I also enjoy such a performance when I see the possibility that the person is brave enough to allow such a display of that mannerism or body part, even if it's likely that most others would consider the appearance of that body part, unattractive compared to such of most other people, and that the performer probably realizes this. An example of this is, feet that are not considered perfect. I suppose that the reason for all in this paragraph, is that I feel that such brave aspects are good qualities of a performer. An example of such performances are movies and television shows of men who impersonate women, for comedy.

Such ideas in the previous two paragraphs pertain much to this paragraph. I prefer a subtle display of the feet, soles, or toes, as opposed to a display of them that seams intentional on the part of the performer or model. Therefore, I'd prefer a sexual scene that includes a very good display of such body parts, but of which the performer(s) and/or model(s) seem to be unaware or unconcerned of it (or have no choice or control of it, such as in a bondage situation). Therefore, although I do enjoy it somewhat, I'm not so much into watching such scenes as, someone licking or sucking on feet or toes, or someone physically sexually stimulating another by use of the feet. Therefore, although I'd enjoy very much, a scene of which the only action is the showing off of feet, I'd prefer a good view of the feet and/or soles, but of which the performer(s) are in such endeavors as, sex other then the examples just described, masturbation, bondage, hidden cam, walking, showing off other body parts as well (legs, sexual organs, tits, butt, ass, etc.) etc. Never the less, as I've implied, generally, I'd like all displays of this body part whatsoever.

Others wearing foot ware that show their feet, toes, and soles, such as, flip flops, and especially the more dressy of such shoes, which are, women's backless shoes. Of such, I like most, those without any back or heel straps, such as ***** heeled or kitten heeled slides (sometimes called mules instead of slides), especially the open toe type & the sandal versions of such slides (oh yes!), open toe slides of which the uppers are transparent (oh yes!) & ***** heeled or kitten heeled marabou pumps. Of all such slides & pumps mentioned in this paragraph, I prefer a low vamp. The lower the vamp, the sexier (well, to me it is), because such a shoe reveals more of the top of the foot, and tends to teeter & dangle on the foot more, which of course causes more of a tendency of the wearer's bare soles to show. I also find the sight of someone's walking in such shoes, especially from behind, extremely arousing. Also, what's in my turn off about socks, stockings, nylons, and hosiery also applies to all in this paragraph. I find the wearing of such shoes a turn on on both females and males, therefore I hope that both you *****s and you guys consider showing off in such women's shoes.

I'll admit that once, I had a pair of over-sized loose fitting flip flops, previously owned & worn (until somewhat thin & flimsy) by a male friend, who mischievously gave them to me, after I had began to wear them around myself, of which he noticed my enjoyment in wearing them & surmised that it was sexual.

I enjoy pics & vids that feature such body parts in certain ways. For example, as I've implied, I enjoy the sight of a persons big ass up in my face. However, I'd enjoy it even more if combined with a view of the person's soles & toes. Of course, for a good scene of all this, it's better if the person were either kneeling or squatting.

Another pose I enjoy is one of which the subject is sitting facing the camera, or laying faced up, with legs spread a bit, with knees hi & bent, with feet soles up in good view of the camera. Meanwhile, the subject is also engaged in such play as, masturbation, anal play with a dildo, etc. I don't imply that while the subject is engaged with such sex play, he or she is to keep his or her legs up like so for most of such a vid (especially if maintaining this leg position for a certain amount of time causes discomfort), but to occasionally (but frequently I hope :-)), & for short whiles, lift & his or her legs & soles up like so.

Of course, for a good viewing of all emphasized in such scenes & poses as those of the two previous paragraphs, it's important to adequatetly adjust the cameras distance, *****m, height, tilt, lighting, etc.

I find it quite arousing to see a performers curling and/or spreading (and/or wiggling) his or her toes in such scenes described in these paragraphs. I enjoy it when such toe curling is downward (which wrinkles the soles). However I enjoy it more if toes are curled upward, which flexes or stretches the soles. As I've mentioned in a previous paragraph, when licking and sucking on ones soles, toes and such, I enjoy it most when the toes are curled up, and therefore flexing and stretching the soles over the balls of the feet, therefore, rendering them easier to so lick and suck, and this is probably a reason that I find the sight of it so arousing.

Another such scene of this type, that I'd find extremely erotic, is that of a person's kneeling or squatting, in a way that the soles and heels are up, therefore somewhat perpendicular to the surface, with toes curled up as mentioned, because they, along with the balls of the feet, are a bit pressed down against the floor by the weight of the rest of each foot. This of course, renders the soles flexed & likely visible, and such, combined with some of or the rest of the body, is a sight I'd likely find quite arousing indeed.

Notice my posted pics & the pics & vids in my favorites section. They show examples of poses I like most when it comes to my fondness for the sight of feet. Therefore. they include examples of what's written in previous paragraphs. Also, notice that you can look there, & readily see examples (the thumbnails), even if you don't open (click on) any buttons or any of the thumbnails.

I've carefully selected & arranged each vid & pic set to make all this appear so on my page. Naturally, when deciding on a photo album for my favorites, the pic of the album that's selected to be the icon of that album matters much in my decision. As you probably know, there are more examples in my favorites section besides those visible on my page, & to see & view them requires only your clicking on either the "more" button in the upper right corner of that favorites square, or clicking on the arrow on the right of that square. For a long time, my favorites section consisted only of males. However, I do desire to have females subjects featured in my favorites section, because I find the desired aspects equally (if not more) arousing on females. For a long time, I couldn't find a suitable pic set or vid of which a female (or females) is the person displaying the desired aspects on this page. That is, until recently.

Finding that another has submitted the same (or perhaps similar) suggestion (or perhaps complaint) as one of my own, because I feel that this would probably make it more noticeable & influential, & credit for suggestions & such is not important to me.

Turn Offs

(All this has been transferred to the other column)

About myself

Black/African descent
Associate's degree (2 years college)
Yes, and they live at home
Time spent online?:
I never log off
Social Orientation:
Tobacco Consumption:
I'm a non-smoker
Alcohol Consumption:
I'm a light social drinker
Kids, How many?:
Want kids?:
No way

Physical Profile

Best Feature:
I like all my bodyparts!
Body Type:
5 ft 9 in (175.26 cm)
210-219lbs (95.25 kg)
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Hair Length:
Very Short
Facial Hair:
Body Hair:
Pubic Hair:
Unshaved; Normal
Hairy Bodyzones:
Glasses or Contacts:
Sexual Diseases:
Not tested

Entertainment, Sports and Hobbies

Board games,
Computer Games,
Computer programming,
Movies (making),
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Playing cards,
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Computer games,
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Arts & Entertainment,
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Soft Porn,
Stand Up Comedy
Movie Categories:
Science Fiction,
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Favorite Books:
Non Fiction,
Sports Orientation:
Not Interested
Don't exercise

Work & Living Environment

$75,001 to $100,000
Living Arrangement:
Live with spouse
Fast food,

Sexual Interests

Sexual Orientation:
Sexually Daring:
I'll try most anything once
Sexual Activities:
Age Play,
Butt Play,
Glory Holes,
Group Sex,
Giving Anal Sex,
Giving Oral Sex,
Mutual Masturbation,
Piss Play,
Receiving Anal Sex,
Receiving Oral Sex,
Role Playing,
Sex, How often?:
At least once a week
Most Erogenous zones?:
Practice Safe Sex:
Anal Only
Role-playing fantasies:
Dirty talk during sex?:
I'll do it if my partner enjoys it
In the nature,
A swimming pool/hot tub,
My bed,
The beach
Making home videos/pics:
I'd consider doing

Sexual Accessories

Toys Which?:
Anal/Climax beads,
Butt plugs/probes,
Cock ring,
Penis extensions,
Bondage Gear:
Porn Movies, Which?:
Busty women,
Teen (18+),
Porn Movies, With?:
By myself,
With someone else


the Mighty Mouse cartoon, "Prehistoric Perils" (especially the scene of which Pearl Pureheart is rope restrained & upside down, while hanging onto & moving along a ***** outside cable, by only her pretty toes, I enjoy the way she wiggles her toes while doing so, along with the sight of her smooth pretty soles & heels, & the shiny sexy red her toenails are *****ted); the cartoon, "Little Rural Riding Hood" (especially because the indifferent but flagrant way she displays her large long wide bare feet & large long toes, of which her toenail are *****ted a shiny sexy red); some scenes in some Popeye cartoons (such as, "Shiver Me Timbers" (especially the scene of which Olive Oyl's conspicuously large long bare feet soles are being tickled by two kittens licking off of them, milk dripping from bottles above, while she is sitting up rope restrained with legs spread a bit & tied down onto the ships deck), "King of the Mardi Gras" (especially the scene near the beginning of which Bluto indifferently causes a flagrant display of Olive Oyl's conspicuously large long bare feet, soles, & toes, while restraining her lying face up on a table like surface, "Silly Hillbilly" (especially because the indifferent but flagrant ways Olive Oyl displays her large long wide bare feet & large long toes), Bugs bunny cartoons (especially "The Big Snooze", because of Elmer Fudd's nudity & sexy cross-dressing in the sexy clothes & wig (not to exclude the womans sexy shoes that show off his sexy bare toes & heals), & because of the flagrant display of his big smooth plump sexy naked butt and smooth shapely bare legs, & yes, his large smooth pretty bare feet & pretty toes), Scenes in: The H*****ing (1963)(especially the bare feet scenes), The Cabinet of Caligari (1962)(especially the bare feet scenes), Forbidden Planet (especially the *****s bare feet scenes), Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat (especially the bare feet scenes), etc. (I also like movies of other types & tastes, most likely classics & nostalgia)


web surfing, writing (especially sexually provocative stuff, especially to others), art (Also, I love the latest art medium, which is computer graphics.), etc.


romance & sexual provocative literature, literature pertaining to: issues pertaining to African Americans & other ethnic groups. history, science, technology, software, health, psychology, philosophy, etc.


Jazz, classical, etc.

Activities (2)

Comments (197)

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1 month ago Disabled Account

thanks for the comments and tips :)

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2 months ago josydelicia

Ola baby 

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2 months ago andylatin

thanks for enjoying my smooth soles man

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3 months ago blackmalelover504

Oh and thank you for the lovely comment on my pic ;)

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3 months ago blackmalelover504

Thanks for the friend request! I'm intrigued by what you've written in your profile. I'm about to read all of it.

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