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■■■■■■■TRAVEL PLANS:■■■■■■■

★ Seattle, WA. - Feb. 4th-13th, 2016 ★

(ending date approximate. May extend another week/s. Will update once known).

Potentially moving back to Seattle within a year as well.


Hometown: Seattle, WA.
Currently residing: Washington, DC.
Since November, 2014.

=======>> November, 2014 <<=======
First time back in a long time I will have to update in the near future.
Just moved to the Washington DC area and have been on the East Coast since 2010. I am not in the Seattle area anymore but potentially will move back there again sooner or later.

One of the reasons its been so long was my computer had broke and I was/am using a tablet. It would not let me sign in and be able to change anything about my profile then it wanted me to go to some pay site. I gave up trying to get here until recently. I recently tried again and here I am. So far I can not seem to upload any more content. There also use to be a search area where you could search profiles local to your city but that seems to have been dissappeared now. As well as a favorite button for the video's. Wonder why they changed it., Anyway....

I am a nice, easy-going guy. I am basically here for fun, a little chat and I also like checking out all the great profiles/pictures. Interpret that how you will. I do like meeting people from around the world. There are some really good looking guys on here :) I am normally kind of a quiet/shy guy at first so do feel free to say hello.

If you are sort of nearby (up to about an hour or so away) maybe we could meet up. Simply put, I am sometimes looking for dl/discreet fun at times or an occasional fb but not exclusively. A one time encounter is good too. I play safe only and not into bb/pnp. I am more into a sensual time than a wild one. I Like body contact, jo/edging, lite nip play, I am mostly a bottom but sometimes, tho it is rare, I could be versatile with the right guy (Note: the right guy tho rare would be a younger guy, 18-low 20's, college/*****k/jock type and skinny/inshape. Sorry, I would not be into topping an older or out of shape guy). Beyond that, I am generally open to different guys for different reasons, race and age is not a huge issue. I am also not really into the quick 30 minute come & go situations. Prefir a little more time than that, maybe do a little mutual jo/edging and mess around playing with what feels good awhile.

Definitely, I have a fascination and interest in taking a few quality still pictures and making a video/porn with someone. I have not done so yet. It could maybe just be showing both of us jerking off together or maybe fucking. By quality I mean a thought out session with different angles, good lighting and editing like you would see from a good porn video.

Prefer younger guys 18 & up who are nice, friendly, respectful, clean hygiene, ddf, sane, safe, lean/hwp and not over-weight. A big plus(but not required) if you are any height but small framed or skinny.

Below this point is what I had added back around 2008. No requirement to read it as it may be boring but if you want to read on I am leaving it on here unchanged. Most of my current and basic information is above.

.* * * * * * As if anybody ever reads these anyway(But if you do heres a start)  Looking for friends locally or world wide. Feel free to add me as a friend, send me an email here or leave a comment.I'm an easy going sort of quiet/shy guy here. All my friends that know me would probably say I'm one of the nicest guys around. I hold dear, value and care about my closest friends and would do anything for them. I'm pretty chill, genuine, grounded, don't fit the norm but I can at times have a bit of a wild streak. So, if you really want to get to know me, you make your own conclusions.   Stay tuned, just signed up and I'm figuring out how to use all the features on here. Changes will be coming to my profile in the near future. Update: 4/12/08. I have been trying to upload my first solo video of me jerking off. So far it hasn't worked. Least, I don't think. I have just tried it again. I keep getting the message that upload has failed when I go back to check on the status. I can be a busy guy but I'm still trying to figure it out but hopefully I will have a vid here soon for you all.-4/17/08 update. Looks like it is finally going to work... waiting for conversion for xtube. Yippy! Hey, Its not a great video, its not going to win any oscar awards but is my first attempt and now I can try doing a few more better ones.  -This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. -N. Armstrong 6/27/08 -Hope you liked my recent added photo sets. Eventually I would like to have some more pics and another vid coming your way. Maybe this coming month(July or maybe Aug.)? -Stay tuned! Seattle Pride -Yay! Its pride week! -The big march in Seattle is on Sun, Jun. 29th. -Weather is forcast to be at 88 degrees F. -Sun*****t naked guys :), heat strokes, drag queens, dykes on bikes and scared straight tourists (realizing they are having a great time, after thier initial eyes popping out in panic, horror & shock) -what a combination!  6/30/08 Pride was a blast!!!! So many people lined the streets to watch the parade going down 4th ave. to the Seattle Center to end up where the space needle is. It was crowded this year. It reached 92 degrees F.(so the news said). Of course there were all kinds of shirtless people around. Lots of sun*****s! Myself included, least I took some pre-caution ahead of time which was a help. I have lots of pics to go thru and thinking about possibly posting a couple to a set here, I will have tons more I didn't post to this set so if I get allot of responses to see them I will add more to it. I know that many of you are only here to look for the dick and ass so I will probably end up just making them a private set. So, feel free to ask if you are interested I'd be more than happy to show you (if I have them posted them yet) It's been such a very long day/weekend for me not just because of Pride and all the activities around. But also because my greatest and best friend that I've known since our first day in elementary school(we are like ***** and *****) lost her ***** very late Sat. night(Sunday was Pride) and I was preparred and about to miss Pride march alltogether to be able to be with my best friend which is more important to me than anything in the world. However she insisted that I continue to partake in the plans of Prides Sunday events. I will be there to be with her later, she said. She is such a great person. I hope I can be there for her in this time. * * * * * *9/1/08: Hello all my peeps!! It's been awhile since I gave an update on my profile. Its Bumbershoot weekend here in Seattle! (Bumbershoot: arts and music festival of local people and from abroad). Hope all of your Summers have been as fun as mine has! If not we still have a couple weeks before Summer officially ends. So far... I have not added any more vids or pics like I thought I would have by now. I've just been busy and pretty camera shy:) I'm thinking though that perhaps sometime during this next month or maybe two I will try to take a few un***** shots and add them. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. I've enjoyed getting to know some of you people out there and look forward to getting to know more. There are so many really fascinating people here I've been able to get to know. A few of you in particular(you know who you are) and one who is absolutely like no one I have ever known before in my whole life. It is such a great blessing for me to be able to get to learn more about him and his wonderfully amazing loving heart and I feel extremely fortunate and lucky he has come to be a great person to know within my life time. Who would have thought there would have been such an interesting and good diverse group of people here, even if it is from afar. It is a shame to be so far away from everyone but everyones paths cross for a reason. Well.. until the next update.. have fun cruising around xtube. Oh also, due to my expanding friend list.. I am always open to making more. Please be patient if you send an email... I return all emails but sometimes it may take me a few days or a little longer to respond back depending how many I have and how busy I am. If you do send an email, please have something more to say than one line asking to hook up... telling me something about youself, sharing a little story or asking questions would be a much better start, than me replying with a single word back. Thanks everyone for all the nice and wonderful comments and votes! 10/30/08 -Fellow USA PEEPS! REMEMBER YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT! TUESDAY 11/04/08 OBAMA 11/14/08- Hello again. It was a grand day knowing that Obama had won. Election was on 11/04/08. As soon as the results came in there were major gatherings around downtown Seattle and up on Capitol Hill(my neighborhood near/adjacent to downtown) throughout all of the night and into the morning hours. It was a very festive night and I think it will prove to be a spectacular *****ent in history. It gave us all alot of hope for the future and a happy ending of the lame Bush era. Alright... it has taken so long but finally I just uploaded a set of me modeling a few different pairs of underware I have. A few different poses. Sorry, it's not very original but I have been way past due at adding something here like I thought I would have done by now. It is sort of as a request to some of my adoring fans out there(here). Some pictures came out okay and others I am uncertain if I like them or not. I will be watching for your comments on the pictures there... So, whether you like them or not... please let me know.I'm not quite sure what my next set will be but as the holidays are aproaching us I'm not sure if I will have another update here or not by the end of the year. Holidays can be and usually are an extremely busy time of year for me... but I wish everyone a very great holiday season and a Happy New Year.Thanks for all your kind comments and emails, etc.    12/25/08 Just want to wish everyone...Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!  4/16/09- Hello everyone! Its been awhile since I've put anything down on this part... Wow.. since last year! Well, Seattle had one hell of a winter(for Seattle) specially in December where we had about a foot of snow on the ground for a couple weeks straight(that is so rare). Sometimes we don't even see snow during the winter at all. We also recieved some up until April 1st. Now it looks like we are finally getting the spring weather we are so ready for. It means maybe now I can motivate and start adding a few things here for you all. I just tried to upload a vid. here I just made but I am unsure it worked since this site is a little different from the old version. I guess just got to wait and see. Hope you all like it. I don't think its all that good but least its something new and I will be watching for the comments that all you awesome people have been sending me. Thanks. Until next time.... 

Turn Ons

■ Porn (see the movie section within boxes below)
■ Porn (watching)
■ Tops
■ Nude
■ Exhibitionists
■ Slim/slender/hwp
■ Safe
■ Sane
■ Friendly
■ Nice
■ Good hygiene
■ Discreet
■ Horny young top guys (18 & up) into older or up to around my age who are fit within reason.

《 Updated: 08/22/2015 》

Turn Offs

■ Poor Hygiene-stinky sweaty body odor
■ Bad attitude
■ Drugs/pnp
■ Unsafe
■ Some freaky voyuers
■ Wild kink (tho amused watching others here)
■ Pain, *****, *****, etc.
■ Younger guy assuming I like being called *****dy. I am not your *****dy.
■ When someone sends a message and is very short... "Whats up", "sup", etc. Whats up... Answer: The sky.
■ A guy or guys saying they will play for money... Sorry, get a job, I am not into it.
■ Over weight, this include guys in denial and call themselves height weight proportioned. (No offence meant, I can be friends with anyone but only attracted sexually to skinny/leaner/fit or real height weight propotioned guys).
■ Overweight guys (see above) asking if I will top them. I am not a top except for possibly that rare *****k/college/jock type of guy.
■ Huge turn off if a guy lies about his dick size. Like all those that claim to be 9, 10 ,11 or more inches and you find out they are only like 7. I am not a size queen. I have never seen one past 8.5" but have been told by some they were bigger than that and I found out they were not. HUGE turn off. As much as I would like to see a real one 9 or more inches, I think it would be to big for me honestly. Would still like to see a real one tho. I know someone may have one that big. Personally I do like around the 7-8" range I think. Dont mind smaller but never seen or had bigger than 8.5". I wonder what ruler they use?

《 Updated: 08/22/2015 》

About myself

Tobacco Consumption:
I'm a non-smoker
Alcohol Consumption:
I'm a light social drinker

About my Partner

Ideal partner:
In decent shape, friendly, nice, safe, sane, gentle, top who can handle a quiet/shy guy. 《 Updated: 08/22/2015 》
Looking for:
Age of partner from:
Age of partner to:
Whole package matters more
Does size matter?:
What he does with it is what matters

Physical Profile

Body Type:
Tall and skinny
6 ft 1 in (185.42 cm)
150-159lbs (68.04 kg)
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Hair Length:
Facial Hair:
Body Hair:
Hairy Bodyzones:
Treasure trail,
Body Decorations:

Sexual Interests

Sexual Orientation:
Sexually Daring:
I'm sexually shy
Sexual Activities:
Making Movies,
Mutual Masturbation,
Receiving Anal Sex,
Receiving Oral Sex
Sex, How often?:
3-5 times a week
Most Erogenous zones?:
Practice Safe Sex:
Role-playing fantasies:
Dirty talk during sex?:
It's not for me at all
Making home videos/pics:
Haven't found a parter do it with yet

Sexual Accessories

Willing to experiment
Toys Which?:
Butt plugs/probes,
Cock ring,
Bondage Gear:
Not into bondage
Porn Movies, Which?:
Teen (18+)
Porn Movies, With?:
By myself,
Wish my partner would watch with me,
With a partner,
With someone else



I definitly have a fascination and very interested in taking a few quality still pictures and in making a video/porn with someone. By quality I mean a well thought out session that looks professionally done with different angles, good lighting and editing similar like you find from a good porn video. Currently I can not post new content using this tablet so hope you have access to do so with a computer. Also have an interest in maybe helping others film a porn as well.


■ Besides making videos or using this area to say what movies I like... I like about anykind. As far as porn, don't know allot of sites but my favorite...

■ Bel-Ami studios.
■ Favorite porn star : Johan Paulik... but tend to like them all from Bel-Ami.

《 Updated: 08/22/2015 》

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Aww.. The long awaited 2nd vid.

Made this for all my past, present and future fans out there who have been patiently waiting for...


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Happy 4th of July everyone.

Just wanted to say happy 4th of July. Went out with a few friends and did the fireworks shows....

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great pics and videos.

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Thankyou for all the kind words! Nice profile yourself ;)

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Thanks for the add buddy

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your so hot

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you are very sexy and your profile is nicely detailed, I appreciate that.  If you get a chance, check out my 3 "poll" questions on the left side of my profile page.  thanks.

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