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butt plug lover

Love HUGE Butt plugs, HUGE Dildos and FF play

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Handsome *****s with huge asshole, extreme anal sex, toys (specially butt plugs), ***** with strap on, *****s with butt plugs,...

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hairy, fat, piss and all the nasties...

About myself

Marital Status:
Time spent online?:
An hour or so a day
Social Orientation:
Tobacco Consumption:
I'm a non-smoker
Alcohol Consumption:
I'm a light social drinker

About my Partner

Ideal partner:
handsome ***** about my age, who like extreme sex and toys play with guy...
Looking for:
Age of partner from:
Age of partner to:
For Activities:
Erotic Chat/Email/Phone Fantasies,
1-on-1 sex,
Other "Alternative" Activities
Whole package matters more
Partners genitals should be:
Completely shaved
Tobacco Preference:
I dont mind if my partner smokes lightly
Alcohol Preference:
I want my partner to drink lightly

Sexual Interests

Sexual Orientation:
Sexually Daring:
I'll try most anything once
Sexual Activities:
Butt Play,
Giving Anal Sex,
Giving Oral Sex,
Receiving Anal Sex,
Sex, How often?:
At least once a week
Most Erogenous zones?:
Inner thigh,
Practice Safe Sex:
Role-playing fantasies:
Inner thigh,
Dirty talk during sex?:
Entirely depends on my mood
Making home videos/pics:
I videotape all my encounters
Bars or pubs

Sexual Accessories

A must
Toys Which?:
Butt plugs/probes,
Cock ring
Bondage Gear:
Cock and Ball Toys,
Not into bondage
Porn Movies, Which?:
Busty women,
Porn Movies, With?:
By myself,
Wish my partner would watch with me,
With a partner,
With someone else
Porn Movies, How often?:
Once or twice a week

Favorite sexual fantasy

that some ***** plays with my butt, while the large butt plug is in her ass, or that she use strap on... and in inverted positions, too....hehehe

The fist is a potent symbol of masculine strength. Taking one inside can represent an even more powerful act of penetration, domination and surrender than taking a cock. Fisting is a sexual practice that requires s*****s, preparation intimacy, vulnerability and trust. Fisting fans call it the ultimate sexual experience; a guy being fisted is putting himself in the other man's hands.
Fisting involves inserting fingers, which are kept pointing straight and close together inside another man's or your own arse until a hand is inserted. Experienced practitioners might be able to go past the forearm, occasionally up as far as the lower (sigmoid) colon. Others go for width by using feet or even two hands. Once the hand is past the knuckles of the thumb the hand can resemble the form of a fist.
Fisting doesn't mean clenching your fist into a ball and pushing it into someone's arse hole. This practice is called Punch Fucking, where a fist is used as a cock would be. Due to the difficulties and potential dangers of doing this it is preferably left to advanced fisters. Piston Fucking or Jackhammering is when one man puts his dick and hand inside the other man's arse, then wanks himself off inside the guy's arse. Chariot Racing is when two men are fisted simultaneously by one fister.
Because there are no ***** receptors past the arsehole, it is recommended to be fully alert during fisting as *****s and ***** can desensitise you even more. Some fistees report experiencing a little *****ing, also known as a little bit of pink (enough to turn lube pink); this usually suggests a small cut and probably isn't serious. However if the *****ing is bright, red it is a sign to stop and might be an indication of more serious damage. Other signs of injury are severe cramps, weakness, chills and fever. A sharp ***** in the shoulder can be a warning sign of serious damage to the bowel.
If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. Because the tissue of the rectum is delicate and tears easily, it is possible to have microscopic amounts of ***** present during fisting. This ***** can carry enough Hepatitis C virus (HCV) to be a transmission risk. The Hepatitis C virus can survive for long periods of time outside the body and the virus is *****ly contagious, so particular care needs to be taken with gloves and clean lube when fisting. In addition, the presence of the tiniest amount of ***** during fisting means that other STIs such as Hepatitis A and Shigella can be ***** on too. Take extra care to keep any ***** away from the eyes, open sores and the mouth.
The art of fisting is to relax enough so that stretching of the sphincter and anal canal doesn't involve too much *****. Trust + relaxation = safer, more pleasurable fisting.
When it comes to fisting there is no such thing as too much lube. Use plenty of lube not only to minimise the risk of breaking skin, but to get the maximum pleasure out of the experience. Do not share lube with others when fisting and have your own supply.
Avoid contaminating lubricant. Write your name on the container and do not share it. If you are fisting more than one person wash your hands with warm water and plenty of soap in between people. Don't forget to wash your arms too and make sure you change gloves for each guy you fist.
Water based lubes (e.g. Wet Stuff, Glyde, KY) tend to dry quicker than others, getting gummy and sticky, making them less than ideal in a fisting situation. Since latex gloves break and degrade on contact with oil based lubes (e.g. Crisco, which is the preferred lube for fisting), the solution is to use polyurethane and nitrile (PVC) gloves/ condoms.
The use of gloves is *****ly recommended to minimise the risk of transmission of HIV and other STIs such as Hepatitis C. Pre-powdered gloves may irritate the arse.
If you decide not to use condoms but want to cut the risk of HIV being ***** on, think about fucking first, then fisting. Fisting first is more likely to cause *****ing in the arse, making bare backing afterwards especially risky for ***** on or picking up HIV.
If *****ing occurs, note the colour, is it dark or pink, is it dripping rather than bum-snotty clots? Noticeable quantities of bright red ***** are a sign to stop. If there is more than a small amount of ***** in the stool a few hours after play don't delay -- get medical attention as soon as possible. Be honest about what has happened or you may get all kinds of incorrect or dangerous diagnoses.
If you are new to fisting, don't let a beginner experiment on you. Instead put your arse in the hands of an experienced fister. Men, who get fisted, often have an enema beforehand to reduce mess. When it comes to inserting things up your arse, start small and work your way up to bigger toys. Remember, the most sensitive part of your arse is the anus not the rectum.
Practice with large dildos to learn stretching and relaxing. It can take some time to get to the point of being able to take a whole hand up your arse; pushing too hard or fast can cause damage. Breathing deeply helps relax arse muscles and, as with being fucked, pushing out (as if trying to *****), then pulling in with your arse muscles, often helps get the fist through the arse hole.
Some fistees might prefer *****s to relax them for the act - such as poppers or ketamine - but being ***** or ***** increases the risk of injury, as you're less likely to feel ***** or notice something going wrong. Fisting involves pushing your limits, and for some the feeling of a man reaching deep inside them can't be *****en.
A regular fuck might not be fulfilling enough, especially if you want to feel your ring being stretched and your insides probed like never before. When a man experiences getting fisted and the pleasure that originates from his arse, he doesn't think about his cock being soft or hard. Even if he plays with it while being fisted, it stays soft unless he has taken an Erectile Dysfunction (ED) ***** such as Viagra; his mind focuses on his arse and the feelings inside.
The best position to be fisted in is on hands and knees or on the back with knees up, for example in a sling. It is not ideal to play with someone you don’t trust or know, but if you decide to, make sure you clearly establish limits and safe words.
To avoid open nicks and cuts on the hands it is best to trim and file nails with an emery board. File fingernails well in advance - preferably a day before to allow small nicks and cuts on the hands to close. To test the sharpness of your fingernails, run them across your tongue; if they feel sharp, smooth them. Check for nicks and cuts on your hands and arms. A sharp stinging sensation when lightly rubbing ***** on the skin is a clear indication of 'non visible' abrasions which can increase the risk of STI/ HIV transmission. Take off your jewellery to reduce the risk of cuts. Allocate enough paper towels per person before you start the session to avoid transmission of any STIs such as Hepatitis C and if you are using conventional terry towels use one per person.
You can never have too much lube. Water-based lube like KY dries out too fast, J-Lube is a good water-based lube. Crisco (a lard-type oil-based cooking fat) is used by many fisters but, like all oil-based lubes, it weakens condoms and latex gloves. A lubed finger is inserted into a well-lubed arse, and then several more fingers follow, adding extra lube each time the hand moves in and out. When the sphincter opens wide enough, the whole hand goes in, with thumb pressed against palm, fingers pointing forward. A clenched fist-shape can usually only be made once in the rectum (the first space past the arse hole) is reached.
Beyond is the entry to the colon (through the sigmoid sphincter) and beyond that the gut. It is important not to rush things and just relax, take your time and have fun. Avoid sudden movements when inside him and always pull out very slowly to avoid injury. When your hand first enters the arse, the sensation is like being fucked by a large cock, but more powerful. Most cocks aren't wide or long enough to do what a fist can; fill the rectum, prod the far side or go through the lower colon; so taking a hand is much more intense.
The further you go in the arse, the more delicate the internal tissues and lining in the rectal or colon walls become. If his arse clenches, wait for it to relax before pulling out very slowly to avoid injury. Then try gentle in/out movements, without pulling out totally, and changing speed, angle and depth. The fistee's groaning will let you know whether to pause or press on. Change hands to test different angles if necessary. Fisting, especially if too quick, can tear the lining of the inside of the arse.
Remember: The same lube container shouldn't be used when several men are being fisted. Blood from one arse (maybe too small to even see) can contaminate the lube and end up going into another guy's arse. Furthermore, once you started fisting someone, don't touch anything else apart from his arse and his lube; any surface you touch once you have started (sling chains for example) can potentially become contaminated with the Hepatitis C virus. If it is inevitable to touch other things, discard the gloves if you use any and use a new pair. If you do not use gloves, wash your hands or sanitise them thoroughly.

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Plugs play at home 2014

few of my favorite plugs in my asshole while wearing chastity cage... blue thong are for...


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