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SuckboyRoy, ''Cock Whisperer''... ;-) lol

Hit me up if u're packin MAJOR meat and LUV bein milked dry ...

WOW! Over THREE MILLION video views and counting!!! REALLY glad u guys are enjoying them, `cause I sure enjoy makin `em!!

Latest travel update(s):
- dates tbd: destinations tbd
(no prospective travel until further notice...)

Contact me if interested in connecting (preferably on video!) during my visit(s), guys!!


As many of you have noticed, I haven`t posted anything here in quite a while. I thank each and every one of you who have emailed me with your kind notes of concern, asking whether I`m okay. I consider myself very fortunate to have so many caring, wonderful fans like you out there.

The truth is, I`ve had MAJOR loads on my plate lately. And not the good kind. (lol) Unfortunately, I`ve been dealing recently with unforeseen *****/health issues that have required a lot of my attention, and sadly, they`ve been issues which have also left me with the stress of significant financial difficulties.

I have always taken pride in being able to handle things like this on my own, to dig myself out of any predicament I might find myself in, fiscal or otherwise. I suppose it`s probably the too-stubborn German in me. (lol) But I`ve now come to recognize that I really should admit to myself when I *do* need assistance, even if I`m inclined to never ask for it.

Since several of you HAVE asked whether you can somehow offer help or support during this time, I`m simply making the following option available. *IF* you have enjoyed my s*****s on video here (and/or in person), and *IF* you feel especially inclined to do so, you`re welcome to make a discreet, VOLUNTARY donation via PayPal using the link below:

However, please DO NOT feel obligated. Your wonderful messages, alone, have honestly meant more to me than you know. (I swear, I have THE best fans on this entire site!!) Nevertheless, every thoughtful contribution, no matter how small, will be VERY sincerely appreciated.

On a more positive note, I hope to resume posting again soon, as I have a ton of video footage piling up here at home, just waiting for me to review, edit, and upload it ... so stay tuned. :) Btw, if you`ve sent me a message here at Xtube but haven`t yet received a response from me, please accept my apologies, and I hope to get one to you soon. Unlike some who post vids here, I strive to answer each and every message I receive - but unfortunately, I`m more than 100 messages behind at the *****ent. (D`oh!) You`ll hear something back from me, I promise!

I hope you`re all keeping yourselves happy, healthy and horny out there!


One of the latest "testiclemonials" ...
"After shooting I don`t know how many loads watching Suck*****Roy work his magic on a variety of hot cocks in his Xtube vids, I finally got the chance to watch him work his magic--real time and in the FLESH--on my cock in NYC. DAMN, it was good... Suck*****Roy has more than earned his moniker, `dick whisperer.` He took my dick on a tour of the universe & it responded by shooting about the biggest load it`s shot since I was 18 (which was a while ago). THANK YOU, MAESTRO SUCKBOYROY!"
--G., GWM, 7.5"c


Masculine, reasonably attractive, healthy, cumhungry + EAGER oral boi here, lookin 2 service clean, healthy, HUNG dudes. Race/age doesn`t matter--altho I do REALLY luv suckin big BLACK or UNCUT meat. Just be clean, healthy, HUNG and ready to let me drain ur nutsack 2 empty. Shoot as many times as u need too, dude--I`ll swallow it all. (NS here, prefer same.) Dick pic REQUIRED TO MEAT... if ur WELL-hung and SERIOUSLY interested, u WON`T be disappointed!!!

Usually JUST lookin to suck, so reciprocation isn`t expected or necessary... u can just kick back, relax & enjoy while I do all the work!.. however, every once in a while I`m up for havin my own nutz drained too, so if u`re a fellow cocksuckin, cumlovin bud, please say hello!

NOTE: Altho I`m usually here in Madtown, I`m sometimes on the road to/thru the Twin Cities, St Louis, Quad Cities, Chicago, Milwaukee, Fox Valley (Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac), Stevens Point & Wausau areas, and occasionally points beyond--including East & West Coasts (San Francisco, NYC, DC/Baltimore), Canada (Toronto area), and Europe (London, Amsterdam, Munich)--so if u decide ur genuinely interested, ask me about my travel itinerary ...


or, "Word of [my] mouth is the best publicity..."

I`m not really one to tout my own s*****s, so why not simply let my "rave reviews" below speak for themselves?? These are all ACTUAL comments I`ve received afterward, either in person or via text/email. Enjoy! :D

"Thank you, Mister `HOOVER`!!"--J., GWM, 7"c

"If I didn`t have the pics, I might not believe it. After a lifelong quest for the perfect blowjob, THAT was like fantasy material. You just didn`t stop till you got every drop of each load. They say anyone can *****t a wall, but only a great artist can *****t a masterpiece. Well, anyone can suck dick, but you elevate blowjobs to an art form. As an artist, you`re like Salvador Dali, because THAT was SURREAL."--K., GWM, 7"c x 6"

"Thanks for the service, buddy. I should give you a *****-five, man! You`re the first guy to ever swallow two loads out of me in just over an hour. I`m looking forward to having you milk this big dick again next time... Can`t wait to have that hot mouth of yours try for THREE of my huge loads in a row!"--H., BiWM, 8"c

"WOW, this guy can suck some dick!!! I travel a LOT and you just don`t find good cocksuckers like him very often! (Wish I could`ve taken him on the road with me!) He kept me on the edge for almost an hour until I couldn`t take it anymore! What a cum explosion! I will definitely look him up when I get back to Madison!!!!"--A., GWM, 7.5"c, NYC

"I hesitate to give you this testimonial, `cause then you`ll be way too much in demand and I`d have to take a number LOL... but you`re the best, buddy. Some guys just have no clue what to do with it, but I get a woody just thinking about your fantastic mouth on this big dick. Can`t wait until next time!"--G., GWM, 9"uc

"Jeezus! It usually takes me forEVER to cum, dude--even jackin` off. (Always been told I got one of those `challenge` dicks.) I can`t fuckin` BELIEVE you milked two huge loads outta me! Best hour I`ve spent in I don`t know HOW long!!"--J., BiBM, 8"c

"WOW! I have NEVER cum three times in a row that quickly before in my LIFE. Awesome...!"--T., BiWM, 8.5"c

"BEST... HEAD... EVER....."--J., GHM, 9.5"uc

"It`s a day later and I STILL feel like I`ve got electricity shooting through me. I have NEVER had a BJ like that before. You are truly a master when it comes to worshipping cock! Incredible!!"--R., BiWM, 7.5"c

"Unbelievable. With the exquisite ***** you were inflicting on my rod, I thought for sure you were gonna drain me into a coma... ah, but what a coma to slip into!!"--B., GWM, 9"c

"Got sucked for an hour straight and came what felt like 9 times!!! That has to be some kind of record!!! He`s the best head giver I`ve EVER had, bar none. WOW!"--E., GWM, 8"c

"This guy is honestly the BEST COCKSUCKER EVER!!! He worked on me for over an hour and drained two big loads out of me. Being a cop and not out at all, a guy like him is very hard to find."--V., GBM, 9"c

"What an incredible and spine-tingling experience. I should have this every day of the week, and then some! He`s an unforgettable man with an over the top deep throat!!"--D., GWM, 8"c

"Hands down, the BEST bj u will EVER get!"--B., GWM, 8.5"c

"Wow! Knocked my socks off! What a talented guy, who gets an A+ (and THEN some) from the BigDog. With his enthusiasm in making love to my big bone, he should`ve been a teacher in oral stu*****s, as practically everyone out there could learn a few lessons from him. Hell of a nice guy too, which makes it all the more special! Can`t wait for my next year`s vacation!"--B., GWM, 8.5"c, NY

Turn Ons

Bonus points for guys who shoot big/thick loads, multiple-cummers (repeat shooters and/or quick rechargers), copious amounts of precum, thick & veiny cocks, dark skin and/or features (love black, hispanic & indian men)... ideally lookin for a select handful of big-dicked buds (the longer and/or THICKer, the better!) whose tools I can worship on a regular or semiregular basis... one-time connections are still kewl, tho, so if u have any plans to be passin thru my way, drop me a line!!!

Hey, if u`re a dude who LOVES to feed a hungry mouth, or a fellow cumhungry cocksucker who`s PASSIONATE about worshipping & draining dicks, u should totally check out, an international networking site where suckers and feeders like us can connect with one another, chat, and share tips, stories, pics and videos. I`m not an owner or anything like that--but I am a VERY happy member who firmly believes that the more we suckers and feeders can connect like this, the better!!! Btw, the SD/SW site is also COMPLETELY free, so--from one oral sex enthusiast to another--when u DO decide to register and join that awesome global cocksucking *****hood, I`d really appreciate it if u`d please mention during registration that u were "referred by" Suck***** Roy (swallower53703)... Thanks, guys--and enjoy!!

Turn Offs

Poor hygiene
Enough said.

Guys who think oral sex is only an "appetizer" before fucking
Trust me--when done well, cocksucking can be the ENTIRE seven-course meal, and then some!

Heavy, HEAVY smokers
I`ve discovered over time that very HEAVY smoking (as well as HEAVY poppers use) has a nasty effect on the overall taste of a guy`s cum. Personally, I have NO issues whatsoever with smokers or poppers use, but hey--I also really, really love cum!!

Too much cologne
C`mon, a little goes a loooooong way, fellas ...

Overly-dominant or aggressive feeders
Hey, I totally dig being facefucked and having my throat deepdicked on occasion, and can really get off on playing that role of submissive cocksucker... but most of the time, I prefer a guy to simply kick back, relax and enjoy, while I do all the work. IMHO, an overly-dominant or aggressive feeder can EASILY miss out on the enjoyment of a cocksucker`s particular well-honed arsenal of techniques, developed over his years of practice: his unique lip & tongue movements, his nuanced throat muscle contractions, and so on. Take it from a cocksucker, guys. U can take ur hands off my ears, dude, `cause believe me--I DO know what I`m doing! ;-)

About my Partner

Ideal partner:
Clean, healthy, well-hung dudes, who are SERIOUSLY interested in just kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying while I worship their meat and milk some hot loads outta their nuts! Bonus points for guys who shoot big/thick loads, multiple-cummers (repeat shooters and/or quick rechargers), copious amounts of precum, thick & veiny cocks, and dark skin/features (love black/hispanic/indian men!). One-time connections are fine, BUT... if the first time is a mutually great thing for his dick and my mouth, I`m definitely open to regular or semiregular repeat drainin sessions!
Looking for:


Besides XTube? Pretty much anything from Treasure Island Media or Factory Video...


Cocksucking, deepthroating, edging/milking, dickdraining, snowballing, cumswallowing, um... notice a theme? lol


The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures


TESTICLEMONIALS, continued....

"I can`t thank you enough for the spectacular cocksucking! I`m honestly still buzzing. From my perspective, what puts you in a class by yourself is not only the s***** you have--in spades--but your ability to `read` cock and sense what to do next and how to do it... a true `cock whisperer`, if you will. I am generally not easy to get off--especially by sucking--but you possess that rare combination of s*****, confidence, passion, and TIMING that made it easy for me to sit back, relax, and completely let myself go. You`re not simply talented, Roy--you`re gifted! Your ability to take the leisurely `scenic route` made the experience absolutely perfect. You are an extraordinary Cocksucker--a rarely deserved title, with a capital `C`!!! Once again, thanks so much!"--J., GWM, 8"c

"Before I met this guy, I could count on one hand the number of times I`ve been able to cum from a BJ. This guy SERIOUSLY knows what he`s doing!"--M., GWM, 7.5"c

"That was my first time ever getting head from a guy, and I gotta tell you--it exceeded ANYthing I`d even remotely anticipated. I have NEVER cum three times in a single session like that before, dude. Your mouth is fucking amazing!!"--J., SWM, 8"c

"Every time I look at those pics, I remember that incredible sweet, sweet mouth of yours. I`ve got to get this meat between those soft lips again, *****... and SOON!"--M., GWM, 9"c

"If you like someone who provides awesome service that`s nice and slooooow, look no further than right here ..."--C., GHM, 7.5"uc

"This guy gives a head job that is out of this fucking world! He sucked my dick for so long and had me cumming so hard, that my toes curled up like a dried-up g*****fruit rind and busted my bunions. Now THAT`s a goddamn blow!!"--D., BiBM, 8"c

"Swallower, an encounter with you is one a dick would never forget. I can assure you, big-dicked guys appreciate a guy like you every bit as much as you appreciate what we offer you. You know how to keep it cumming!!"--B., GWM, 9"c

"I read all the testimonials here before we met and I have to admit, I really was thinking, `...yeah, ...right!` Man, I tell you, I was SOO wrong!!! First, I don`t remember the last time I shot 2 loads in one sitting--I am usually SO done after the first. Second, I had a lot of sensations I have never felt before in my LIFE--you are truly a master with that mouth! The big surprise? That second orgasm was THE most intense, explosive and pleasurable I have ever experienced. Thanks so much--not sure how you did it, but DAAAAAAAMN! I really can`t put it into words. For anyone wondering, this guy knows exactly what he is doing and I now fully understand why he has these testimonials--let him service your big tool and you`ll want to write your own testimonial, I guarantee it! Thanks again, dude."--S., GWM, 8"uc


Tunes that--ironically--don`t SUCK!.. LOL!!

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Suck***** Roy ... the latest ...

==================== AN UPDATE FROM ROY  ==================== As many of you have noticed,...

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worshiping kickedback's thick and VEINY cock

this fifty-something stud from brooklyn initially came across one of my vids at menwhoswallow,...


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sucking off enthusiastic NYC fan blondeguy81

during one of my last NYC trips, i had a great time connecting with blondeguy81, who sports a...


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milking two mouthfuls of hot spunk outta mcnyc

***BACK IN CHICAGO, 26-29 MARCH*** ok, guys - here's some more evidence that once i wrap my lips...


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sucking off mdkmojo

*** BACK IN SF 8/21-8/24 & BACK IN NYC 10/16-10/19! *** ... this hung and SUPERsexy stud...


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another mouthful of molcrest's meat



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amazing vids

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keep comming back to watch you SUCK cock... so fucking HOT

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Top Dog!!!

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You rock, buddy!

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Great profile!!

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