The Seduction Of Buzz 2

The Seduction Of Buzz 2

Description: OVER THE SHOULDER I’ll have to admit to being as much a novice as Buzz is in the affairs of the 'butt', but with a few anal sessions under our belts things start getting interesting. Buzz returns from a skateboarding exhibition and stops by for a little 'in-out, in-out'. I start by pulling off his pants and swallowing his already hardening cock, but when I start to finger his ass his legs are soon in the air. PAROLED 'N' HOLED Several months have passed, Buzz has just gotten out of prison and he looks a little 'hard'. He hasn't busted in a few days and he's horny, so I quickly pull off his pants and he starts strokin' it up. 'You gonna let me fuck you a little tonight?' I ask. 'Yeah!' he says. I begin to suck on his cock and when I start to work his ass, his legs go up and I lick and munch on his hole. SLIP SLIDIN’ AWAY After a few months of canceled sessions Buzz finally stops by to check out my new porn collection. In a flash he's strippin' down and strokin' up. When I kneel between his legs and start servicing his pole I can tell by his look that he’d rather be doing something else! So before long Buzz is on his hands and knees waiting for some lubin' and lovin! TAKE MY LOAD Tonight Buzz wants to work out a little, do some push-ups and free weights and as he talks to his girlfriend on the cell phone he’s posing for me. Buzz picks out a porn flick and after getting a little worked up, he comes over and starts to suck my cock! VIRGIN ASS Buzz had been M.I.A. for over a year when he showed up on my doorstep for more sessions. After traveling to the Midwest, shacking up with a new girlfriend and producing his 5th film, Buzz is now ready to rediscover the VinDawg! When Buzz arrives we chill for a while then he takes a quick shower. He’s looking a little beefy today as he soaps up and strokes his cock, but I’ve already decided to let Buzz fuck me today

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Studio: Sneek Peek Productions

Duration: 2:00:00

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Production Year: 2010

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