Description: Another great dvd in this series, as the producers travel the length of England to find the dirtiest sluts. This time they are in Bristol where discover the first willing participant. Once on the sofa the couple start kissing and before you know it she is down to sussies and stockings with her legs wide with him fingering and playing with the clit of her semi-shaved pussy before fucking her. Next we are treated to young girl/girl action as two beauties get down to it in the bedroom for some excellent licking and finger fucking of tight pussies. Back on the sofa is an Asian beauty telling us about her fantasy. She undresses and sucks cock before being shagged rotten, indulges in a lovely 69, then joined by another geezer who plays with her pussy as she sucks his prick. Another magnificent lesbo display follows with mutual fanny playing before positioning into a 69. A double-ended dildo appears and the blonde eases up her mates cunt with the other end bent over to tickle her arse hole. Meanwhile, the dark haired girl is busy with a dildo of her own, which is slammed into blondie's pussy. They manoeuvre so they are fanny to fanny with a beautiful double penetration. These slags love every minute of it, as they writhe and moan in pleasure. The final scene is unique! Shot in black and white in a cinema showing a dirty movie, three slappers are amidst untold men as they get they cunts and tits fondled and rubbed. They suck cock as the other men watch and jack themselves off. Two of the slappers end up giving an impromptu sex show as the men can only thank the heavens that Xmas has come early. A definite for British amateur action fans!!!

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Tags: teens hardcore amateur

Categories: Amateur Group Sex Teens 

Added: 8 years ago

Studio: Playhouse

Duration: 1:14:00

Views: 2075 | Comments: 2


Production Year: 2005

Scene Summary
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