Johnny Walker Is Almost Straight 2

Johnny Walker Is Almost Straight 2

Description: Johnny, a total straight dude who's twenty-three years old and full of cum, may have started out in the porn biz jacking it and getting his cock sucked, but it didn't take long before he wanted dick in between his luscious lips and cum slipping down his throat. And it is all here for you to watch. Troy, an eighteen-year-old cock jockey, gives Johnny a vigorous blowjob to start things off. Troy laps up the resulting joy-juice like it is whipped cream. When Erin comes to the studio, Johnny decides to give cock worship a try. Erin strips revealing a six-pack, a long cock and shaved balls. With Erin's encouragement, Johnny learns quickly how to wet a cock. Married-guy Scooby says he is curious about guys and has started fucking his wife in the ass. This turns Johnny on and he is soon in front of Scooby working that ass-poking dick with his mouth.

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Tags: cumshot blowjob amateur

Categories: Twinks Hardcore Blow+Jobs

Added: 8 years ago

Studio: Almost Straight

Duration: 1:18:00

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Performers:  Johnny Walker  Erik

Production Year: 2007

Scene Summary
Scene: 1   Length: 19:00    $1.71 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental
Scene: 2   Length: 26:00    $2.34 for 24 Hour Rental
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Scene: 3   Length: 33:00    $2.97 for 24 Hour Rental
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