*****Heeled and Horny 4

*****Heeled and Horny 4

Description: 7 horny girls with great legs and feet get fucked and creamed on in this exciting episode made just for all you fine foot fetish fanatics. "THE SHOE DOCTOR-Nadia has broken her 5 inch heel, but Rodney has the cure. It just needs a little "glue". He sucks her feet and toes, plays with her nipples, and laps her pussy. She sucks his cock and fucks him till' his balls are ready to explode. He unleashes a huge load of "glue" onto a glass plate. Nadia (The Princess of Cream) only needs a dab to fix her feel, so she laps up and licks up all the cum off of them plate. WOW! "THE SHOE STORE-Tall sexy blonde Laura needs a pair of heels to match her ultra short mini skirt. Wolf has the perfect shoes for her. He sucks and licks her perfect toes, and she masturbates him with her feet. He fucks her standing, sitting, and lying on the floor, then cums in her new heel. She drips the cum from the shoe into her eager mouth. OH BOY!! "GROUPIES-Heaven breaks into rock rockstar Rodney's dressing room to get a souvenir for her friend Stacy. She wants his guitar pick, but he gives her his prick instead. Stacy (who's 8 months pregnant) joins in and gets his prick too. After licking Heaven's luscious long legs, Rodney cums a gallon all over Stacy's big stomach, and Heaven rubs her face in it. JEEPERS! "BUNK BABES-Sabrina is masturbating on the top bunk, and Winter is getting turned on below. When Sabrina dangles her sexy foot over the side, Winter can't help licking it. Sabrina pulls the dripping wet dildo from her pussy and puts it right into Winter's mouth. They fuck each other with it. Winter grabs the strap-on and plunges the dildo up Sabrina's beautiful ass. Winter drools into Sabrina's mouth, and its messy. YUMMY! "TV TOES-Rodney's giving away free TV tickets, so Jasmine comes by for a couple. Of course, first Rodney must suck on her toes, lick her pussy and asshole and get his cock sucked before handing them over. He puts his cock in her pussy, and she earns a couple of extra tickets by taking his rod up her butt. He whips out a shoe horn, puts it in her mouth, and his huge load of cream goes sliding down the horn into her open mouth. WOW!

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Tags: fetish anal blowjob

Categories: Anal Blowjob Fetish

Added: 7 years ago

Studio: L.B.O.

Duration: 1:56:00

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Performers:  Laura Palmer  Heaven  Rodney Moore  Wolf Savage  Stacy King  Nadia Nice  Jasmine Johnson  Sabrina Galeta  Winter Layne

Production Year: 2008

Scene Summary
Scene: 1   Length: 27:00    $2.23 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.100 Pay per Minute
24 hr. Rental
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Scene: 2   Length: 26:00    $2.06 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.100 Pay per Minute
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Scene: 3   Length: 20:00    $1.64 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.100 Pay per Minute
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Scene: 4   Length: 26:00    $2.09 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.100 Pay per Minute
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Scene: 5   Length: 17:00    $1.38 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.100 Pay per Minute
24 hr. Rental
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