Black Panty Chronicles 2

Black Panty Chronicles 2

Description: The Spinelli Brothers are back again, this time with their second installment in the Black Panty Chronicles saga, which has already managed to make a resounding name for itself among black love enthusiasts. The ladies featured in this series are among the most beautiful black girls doing hardcore these days, and all of them are absolute man-killers in the sack. Especially mouth-watering here is Honey Love, whose all-natural body and down-home horny charm combine to make her one of the most unique and desirable women to be found on the porn scene. Her work here is scorching as she brings her libido — and her lush little bod — to bear on her lucky mate and in the process sets the screen alight. Also of note here is the exotic beauty Aniya, who looks to be part Asian. Her tight body and obviously immense sex drive are all it takes to send her scene into engine-revving over-drive. A must-see mind-blower. “This is a black beauty fetishist's dream,” — AVN.

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Tags: hardcore ebony

Categories: Ebony Hardcore

Added: 4 years ago

Studio: Acid Rain

Duration: 1:09:00

Views: 408 | Comments: 0

Director: Anthony, Mitchell Spinelli

Performers:  Mark Anthony  Dynasty  Honey Love  Aniya  Lari

Production Year: 2010

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Scene: 3   Length: 23:00    $2.11 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.130 Pay per Minute
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