Girl On Girl's Sexy Food Fight

Girl On Girl's Sexy Food Fight

Description: Who says girls cooking can’t be a turn on? Well those people haven’t seen this movie with 2 young hottie roommates who are making dinner together one night start having some arguments together. One girl starts making a mess to the other girl’s clothes when she gets a bit angry. The girl in turn complains that the clothes are ruined and starts to undress. She gets back at her by doing the same to her. Before you know it the food fight progresses and then as the food gets on their bodies, the clothes are being taken off. You will see a lot of crazy hot things that are both funny, sexy and hot. From them making out, to licking, sucking, kissing, spanking, there’s a part where they both shower each other in milk, crack eggs on each other, Rub all sorts of available condiments on each other like Tabasco sauce ketchup, mustard. Then they shower each other again in soda. They spank each other’s asses with a spatula, Eat and suck pickles To wash each other off of all the sticky food from emptying the fridge they use a sink water hose. You’ll also see some hair pulling. Truly a great movie where people mix two of men’s passions of sex and women combined together.

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Tags: lesbian amateur

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Added: 5 years ago

Studio: Philly Amateurs

Duration: 20:00

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Production Year: 2010

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Scene: 1   Length: 20:00    $2.21 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental

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