Anal Explosions

Anal Explosions

Description: A big bust anal special! A trio of super-charged anal sequences, this no-nonsense sexvid delivers exactly what its title promises. Top-heavy tantalizer Kimberly Kupps brings her prodigious love mounds to the opener, an amazingly intense back door burner with Guy DiSilva that really makes the most of their outdoor setting. Kimberly has, simply put, never been hotter. Next up is that nastiest of the nasty girls, Mila Shegol. Max Hardcore interviews her in a brief poolside bit, and then the two get down and dirty in a searing (if a bit too short) anal romp. The best scene of all comes last, though, and stars ravishing Roxy Rider. Roxy takes on Steve Hatcher in a ball-to-the-wall bathroom boff that features some of the most eye-popping close-ups we've seen in a while. There's nothing but flat-out, straight-forward rear entry romping from start to finish of this one -- making it a great choice for fans of the genre who appreciate a nice variety of female talent.

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Tags: hardcore anal big-boobs

Categories: Anal Big+Boobs Hardcore

Added: 7 years ago

Studio: L.B.O.

Duration: 1:23:00

Views: 984 | Comments: 0


Performers:  Steve Hatcher  Guy DiSilva  Dru Berrymore  Max Hardcore  Roxy Rider  Kimberly Kupps  Max Steiner  Bella Donna  Lisa La More  Mila Shegol

Production Year: 2008

Scene Summary
Scene: 1   Length: 21:00    $1.71 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.100 Pay per Minute
24 hr. Rental
Pay Per Minute
Scene: 2   Length: 33:00    $2.61 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.100 Pay per Minute
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Scene: 3   Length: 29:00    $2.30 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.100 Pay per Minute
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