Sarah Dominates Katya Vol.1

Sarah Dominates Katya Vol.1

Description: Mistress Sarah has something for her little pet, a collar. She tells her little pet Kat that she will get something good and something bad. Kat bends her over for a flogging with her purple rubber whip. Katya's legs and ass quiver with every stroke of Sarah's whipping. When Sarah is through flogging Kats ass she has her prepare her strap on harness. Mistress Sarah puts the leash onto Kat's collar, and guides her to crawl around on all fours. Sarah positions Katya just right and gives her cute buns a firm spanking. Then Sarah shows her kitten a dildo she can insert into her strap on! Teasingly she temps Kat with the dildo , letting her insert it into position. Katya wants to please her Mistress so she strokes it and plays with it. Mistress Sarah has another whip for her sweet pet, a red leather whip. Sarah flogs Kats ass good , until it is cherry red. Then Sarah has Kat remove her panties, and show off her pussy. Sarah gives Kat her lipstick toy to rub her clit and pussy with. Sarah instructs Kat to get down onto the floor and spread her legs, so she can slap her pussy with her leather slapper. Sarah has some red wrist restraints for Katya's wrists. She gets out her whip for a session of flogging. Kat's ass becomes red with pleasure from being flogged. For a good pet Sarah shows her Kitten how to milk her tities. Her breasts are so lovely and Katya wants to learn everything. Katya tries and tries to milk Sarah's breasts! Katya bends over one more time for a spanking from Sarah's whip.

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Tags: fetish lesbian bdsm

Categories: Fetish Lesbian BDSM

Added: 6 years ago

Studio: Sexycat Productions

Duration: 34:00

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Production Year: 2009

Scene Summary
Scene: 1   Length: 34:00    $3.14 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.110 Pay per Minute
24 hr. Rental
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