Raw Czech Mates 3

Raw Czech Mates 3

Description: Blond and boyish Anderson give Tomas some hot lip action and move his way into some serious ass banging and this boy has a man-sized cock! Any 3-way fanatics out there Lars, Ian, and Philip fulfill that need and their own! Add lean and hung to threeway the result Rostislav, Miroslav, and Josef. Their raw romp sums up young hung and full of cum. Lukas and Jirka playfully engage each other before Jirka plows Lukas’ delicious ass. Next Skyler performs a striptease for Jakub, who watches and jack his pack. Once the clothes come off, Skyler climbs on. Now he’s really performing after five scenes, don’t stop now. There’s some must-see ass-muching in the Bonus Scene.

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24 hr. Rental

Tags: bareback muscles action czech

Categories: Anal Bear Muscle+Guys

Added: 8 years ago

Studio: Puppy Productions Inc.

Duration: 2:07:00

Views: 3050 | Comments: 1

Director: Thomas Bjorn

Performers:  Lukas  Tomas  IAN  Anderson  Jirka  Lars

Production Year: 2007

Scene Summary
Scene: 1   Length: 25:00    $2.00 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental
Scene: 2   Length: 27:00    $2.16 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental
Scene: 3   Length: 28:00    $2.24 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental
Scene: 4   Length: 21:00    $1.68 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental
Scene: 5   Length: 26:00    $2.08 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental

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