Jon And Kate Fuck Eight

Jon And Kate Fuck Eight

Description: Marriage is never easy, but for Jon and Kate it was more difficult than for most. Their relationship had grown cold and a visit to a marriage counselor seemed the only option. Surprisingly, he had a novel solution to their problem. Realizing that they were each dealing with the "Wandering Lust" syndrome, he told them that the only way they would ever realize that they still had a good marriage was to see what it was like on the outside... in other words: go out and get laid! And did the therapy work? Did Jon and Kate realize the error of their ways or were they destined to spend the rest of their lives in a hedonistic orgy or illicit pleasures? Is there even a surprise ending? No clues here folks, you're just going to have to enjoy the movie to find out! So enjoy, because they certainly did!!

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Tags: hardcore feature adult-humor

Categories: Hardcore

Added: 6 years ago

Studio: Devils Films

Duration: 1:45:00

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Performers:  Ralph Long  Amy Starz  Frankie Young  Evie Delatosso  Riley Evans  Ashton Pierce

Production Year: 2009

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