Cornholed Hussies

Cornholed Hussies

Description: What is this, a cornhole party? It would seem so, because every guest in the house, while they do everything else, seems to have his (and her) mind on one very special target. That includes exotic Oriental beauty Kristara Barrington, who wants host Rick Savage to take her on a tour of the house, especially the bedroom. Rick is only too happy to oblige, but once he gets there he wants to take a tour of Kristara - and the feeling is mutual. Their mouths are watering so they have to sample the goodies, which they do with a great deal of gusto. Since no holes are barred to intimate and prolonged exploration, they move from one to the other, ending up with Kristara's end up and being pleasured by her knowledgable tourguide. "Some of the rooms are interracial melting pots where the sexual temperatures become incandescent. Black star Billy Dee is in the midst of satisfying his lusts with a white girl when a blond guy comes in to make it a threesome. In yet another room a ***********on a bed masturbating with a buzzing vibrator is visited by black Amos and white Archie, and gets her dreams of double-penetration come true in a deep and coloful way. There are bare skins everywhere, but in one room there is a bearskin, and in it is a human male on the prowl.

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Tags: hardcore anal big-boobs

Categories: Anal Big+Boobs Hardcore

Added: 7 years ago

Studio: L.B.O.

Duration: 1:12:00

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Performers:  Rick Savage  Billy Dee  Kristara Barrington  Crystal Lake  Amanda Lawrence  Herschell Savage  Hollie McCall  Lisa Thatcher  Tiffany Black  Veri Knotty

Production Year: 2008

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Scene: 1   Length: 22:00    $1.79 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.100 Pay per Minute
24 hr. Rental
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Scene: 2   Length: 27:00    $2.20 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.100 Pay per Minute
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Scene: 3   Length: 23:00    $1.80 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.100 Pay per Minute
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