Swingers Party 13: Sex At Sea

Swingers Party 13: Sex At Sea

Description: Hal and his wife go on vacation in the tropics. They decided that their totally hot babysitter Crissy should go along with them, and what they teach her about sex, swinging, and public fucking will surely be something she will remember forever! After they charter a yacht, they show her lesbianism, cock sucking, swinging, fucking in public, and show her just how wild and horny they are, and just how much cum she can eat, swallow, and hold in her nearly virgin holes! This is one of our wildest swinger vids ever and it's all filmed aboard boats under a beautiful blue sky; the girls are butt naked with open mouths and spread legs the entire vid!

Price of this video: $4.20
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24 hr. Rental

Tags: amateur swinger orgies

Categories: Amateur Swingers

Added: 5 years ago

Studio: Trix Video

Duration: 1:00:00

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Performers:  Crissy

Production Year: 2010

Scene Summary
Scene: 1   Length: 18:00    $1.70 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental
Scene: 2   Length: 17:00    $1.49 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental
Scene: 3   Length: 26:00    $2.30 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental

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