I Love Lesbians 1

I Love Lesbians 1

Description: An all-natural, all-girl video. There is no director telling the girls what to do, just a cameraman recording the girls doing what they want to do with who they want to do it with. In the opening segment, Jenna Jameson, the new darling of videos, wants a taste of Felecia for the first time. Felecia gives her more than she bargained for: the first strap-on dildo BANG of her life. Obviously not the last. Leena and Christina were dying to get it on but never got the chance, until now. Good things are worth waiting for. Crystal Knight had never really bee with a woman in her life, but always fantasized about it. Felicia and Misty Rain fulfill her fantasy and then some. Finally, Misty and Rosie Lee finish what they started in Up and Cummers #6 - and what so many fans wanted to see! I LOVE LESBIANS!

Price of this video: $11.06
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24 hr. Rental

Tags: lesbian

Categories: Lesbian 

Added: 2 years ago

Studio: Randy West

Duration: 2:18:00

Views: 1513 | Comments: 1


Performers:  Misty Rain  Jenna Jameson

Production Year: 2013

Scene Summary
Scene: 1   Length: 31:00    $2.46 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental
Scene: 2   Length: 34:00    $2.69 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental
Scene: 3   Length: 46:00    $3.65 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental
Scene: 4   Length: 28:00    $2.54 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental

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