Katyas Smoking and Pantyhose

Katyas Smoking and Pantyhose

Description: Watch me in my innocent looking skirt, while I come home to smoke and show off my pantyhose! I give a sweet legs and pantyhose tease while I change in and out of my cute shorts and short skirts. I really get into smoking and dirty talk about pantyhose and smoking. You will see me dangle the cigarettes from my mouth while I change my clothes. I also show great smoke rings, French inhales and light up multiple cigarettes too.When I do nostril exhales its sexy! I talk about the first time I smoked and also explicit talk about sex and pantyhose. I change into lots of cute and sexy outfits showing off my legs in pantyhose. At the end I remove my t-shirt and show off my bra and panties under my nice sheer nylon hose.

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Added: 5 years ago

Studio: Sexycat Productions

Duration: 58:00

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Performers:  Katya

Production Year: 2009

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24 hr. Rental
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