Bubble Gum Amateurs 04- Bust And Bust Big

Bubble Gum Amateurs 04- Bust And Bust Big

Description: Here we have Jules; a young college student looking for some extra cash. She needs some money and her boyfriend doesn't know she is here, but oh well. She's a little thicker then the other girls but still cute and innocent looking with nice, big tits. I let her pose wile I squeeze and touch the goods. We make some small talk then she is down on her knees licking and sucking. She's kind of new to sucking dick and has a softer, gentler approach then most. I don't mind this type of blowjob. I get some good close-ups of her face buried in my balls. Jules loves concentrating on just the head when she sucks, and she is very good at it, using her hand to stroke me at the same time. When I cum I smile because she looks good with it hanging off her chin. Jules has me so worked up that even after I cum, I have her suck and stroke me some more and I cum a second time in one blowjob video scene. Very hot. I had so much fun with Jules that I had her come back about 3 weeks later for a hand job video. She is much more relaxed and playful the second time around. She strips down naked and I am already hard when she puts the lube on my dick and starts jerking my cock. She gets up on top of me and works my cock while bouncing up and down on me. I grab her hand to slow her down because she is going to make me cum too fast. Once I regain myself I get a shot of her jerking my from the rear and you can see her swollen clit and pussy, with my cock being rubbed between her legs. I can feel her pussy juice dripping down my balls as she jerks me harder and faster. She lets me rub my dick between her pussy lips and I even enter her a few times. When she gets back to stroking me it's not long before I ""bust and bust big"", as Jules puts it.

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Tags: amateur

Categories: Amateur

Added: 6 years ago

Studio: Adrenaline Videos

Duration: 1:02:00

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Production Year: 2009

Scene Summary
Scene: 1   Length: 35:00    $2.12 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental
Scene: 2   Length: 27:00    $1.90 for 24 Hour Rental
24 hr. Rental

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