Bubble Gum Amateurs 05- Britney And Nadia Take The Bait

Bubble Gum Amateurs 05- Britney And Nadia Take The Bait

Description: Now a real treat. 2 young beauties sucking my dick at the same time. It's a wonder that I lasted as long as I did from this out of the world blowjob. Britney is a young, blonde beauty and Nadia is absolutely stunning; perfect body with a Russian accent. They both don't waste any time and I barely have enough time to get my dick out of my pants before they are sucking on it. It is such lovely site to see two ************taking turns sucking and licking. One licks my balls while the other deep throats me, then they switch. Damn this is so nice. Britney leaves the head of my dick wet as hell then wraps her big tits around my dick and starts stroking it. Nadia pulls her tits out, spits on my dick a couple of times then works my pole while Britney comments on how good she is doing. They keep taking turns until I shoot my load deep in Britney's mouth, then give some to Nadia. It blows my mind when they turn to look at each other then start kissing, sharing my cum between both of their mouths. Next scene Britney is back and Jimmy is going to cum in her pussy. She poses on the bed while stripping for us. She fingers her pussy and rubs her clit and tits. She starts fucking herself with a little dildo then pulls it out to lick it clean. More dildo fucking in different positions. Next Jimmy gets on top of her, licks her tits for a minute then he starts eating that pussy. Her moans seem to turn him on and he fingers her. He climbs on top again and she starts sucking his cock, getting him nice and hard. He slides down and puts his dick in her smooth, wet pussy. She moans and talks nice and soft while Jimmy is fucking her. He lifts her legs *****in the air and before you know it he cums deep in that pussy. Last scene is Devlyn and she is going to give me a hand job. After some brief introductions, Devlyn strips out of her white bra and panty and I straddle her and play with her tits and nipples while she strokes my cock. I get hard pretty quickly then take over the jerking duty for her for a few seconds. She starts jerking me again and makes me cum all over those perky titties. Not bad for a quick hand job.

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Tags: amateur

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Added: 6 years ago

Studio: Adrenaline Videos

Duration: 52:00

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Production Year: 2009

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