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Black Guys and Desperate Housewives
Description: We have quality checked this movie and have found it defective under Excalibur standards. We have notified the manufacturer of our findings. The manufacturer has not given us a time table as to when or if this movie's defects will ever be corrected. Some manufacturers continue to sell defective movies until the defective run is completely sold out -- even though it may entail a couple of years. It is also a possibility that the manufacturer will never correct the defect -- especially if it is an older movie. While we will continue to sell this movie as long as the buyer fully understands this caveat; we obviously will not give this movie our Excalibur Guarantee of Quality. We will not trade or exchange this movie. We will not accept it back under any conditions. We will not credit or refund the buyer with shipping costs, or if it is lost in transit, etc. Excalibur's normal guarantees do not apply to this defective movie.
Tags:  interracial   milf   big-boobs 
Categories:  Big Boobs   Interracial   MILF 
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Length: 126 minutes | Viewed: 1006 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Aston   Elle   Drew   Jessica   Kayla   Vanessa   Michelle   Rebecca   Freddie   Monet   Quinn   Yummy   Steele 
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