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Fuck My Tight White Ass 6
Description: These horny white studs crave their tight assholes getting stretched!
Tags:  anal 
Categories:  Anal 
Added: by Epic Male
Length: 104 minutes | Viewed: 481 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Steven Richards   Troy Taylor   Hunter Corbin   Robbie Hart   Jason Mello   Pablo Montejo 
Price: $11.40 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Swallow My Seed
Description: Cum ****Men present “Swallow My Seed”, starring Josh Myers during his stay at The Aragon Inn in Florida. Directed by Leo Greco, this 2 hour long DVD features 10 cock sucking scenes featuring Steven Pounce, Jake Lyons, Caleb Jones, Brock Armstrong, Sean Preston, Xander, Jason Creed, Troy Taylor, Dallas Reeves and Brice. All of these studs will have their cocks carefully serviced by Josh, who will treat them to a stay at the inn they will never forget. Josh sets out with one goal, which is to see how much cock he can suck and how much cum he can eat! It helps that he’s insanely horny and ready to suck and hard cock that comes his way. While lying out next to the pool, it’s not long before Josh’s craving for hard dick is satisfied. This Florida guest house attracts some well hung and hot visitors. Once Josh gets started, the cock sucking can’t stop. After being sprayed down with hot cum on a sunny day, the only way Josh can truly unwind is by a cool dip in the pool. His adventures don’t only take place at the pool. He seeks out cocks wherever they may be and treats them to a good sucking. Whether it is in a hidden back room, one of the guest rooms or in the shower, Josh’s perfect lips and velvet mouth are always ready to take in any dick, no matter size. He even tips the stud who delivers clean towels to his room by giving him an epic blowjob in the shower. This DVD will have you wanted to visit The Aragon Inn in hopes that a hot stud like Josh will treat you to some cock sucking that you will never forgot. Are you man enough for all this cock sucking? There’s only one way to find out
Tags:  blowjob   twink 
Categories:  Twinks   Blow Jobs 
Added: by Factory Videos
Length: 113 minutes | Viewed: 1888 | Comments: 2
Director: Leo Greco
Performers:  Xander   Troy Taylor   Josh Myers   Dallas Reeves   Steven Ponce   Caleb Jones 
Price: $9.06 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Punk Skater Boys Uncensored
Description: These boys are about to pop more than an ollie, they're about to pop a load on each others' pretty faces. These are real Punk Skater Boys Uncensored and they're ready to grind on your rail all night.
Tags:  twinks   blow-jobs   hardcore 
Categories:  Twinks   Hardcore   Blow Jobs 
Added: by Magnus
Length: 91 minutes | Viewed: 1071 | Comments: 2
Performers:  Troy Taylor   Brandon Stone   Luke Riley   Tucker Forrest   Zane Jacobs 
Price: $7.25 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Just Gone Gay
Description: When they woke up in the morning they were straight... but when we were done with them, they had JUST GONE GAY! Meet some of America's hottest fresh, young studs as they explore their sexuality and try bold new adventures for the first time!
Tags:  action   safe-sex   str8-bait 
Categories:  Twinks   Big Cock   Blow Jobs 
Added: by Magnus
Length: 87 minutes | Viewed: 957 | Comments: 1
Director: Buddy Ball
Performers:  Tony Michaels   Troy Taylor   Jarrod Parks   Mike Monaco   Robbie Hart   Rocky C 
Price: $7.00 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Description: This movie has “All that and a broom handle.” I know you were expecting me to say “bag of chips,” but none of the hotties in Threshhold Media’s new bareback DVD, “FEED + SEED” put food snacks up their ass. One does put a broom handle straight up his butt and then adds another guy’s fat, hard cock in there with it just for fun, and cuz the bottom wanted more! Like that guy’s hungry ass, “FEED + SEED” has everything bareback can offer: Muscle numbers, smooth boys, hairy chests, pierced balls, dildo play and so much more. Steamy Tober Brant starts the anal invasion off by fucking Jock Ripper in a bar, on the bar. After that, the cock sucking, butt-fucking, seed-spewing continues. Watching “FEED + SEED” will make you yell what young, eager farmers proclaim each spring: “ It’s Plantin’ Time! ”
Tags:  blow-jobs   anal   muscles-guys 
Categories:  Blow Jobs   Muscle Guys   Anal 
Added: by Threshhold Media
Length: 97 minutes | Viewed: 1106 | Comments: 1
Director: Kevin Chain
Performers:  Jock Ripper   Hudson Chase   Ice   Jake Mann   Radick Fly   Scott Jaz   Tober Brant   Troy Taylor 
Price: $7.77 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Miami Spice
Description: Take the hottest Latin guys in Miami, throw in a few white boys for flavor and you have Miami Spice. One taste and you'll be hooked!
Tags:  sex   latin   interracial   action   safe 
Categories:  Twinks   Latino   Interracial 
Added: by Finestar Entertainment
Length: 105 minutes | Viewed: 744 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Nickolay Petrov   Troy Taylor   A.J. Perez   Angel Santos   Geo Vaughn   Lee Sexton 
Price: $9.45 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Grand Slam
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