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Breast Wishes 5
Description: Trinity and Ted – Ted the electrician plugs himself into the electrifying Trinity and gets a charge. The high-voltage juice flows out his plug and all over her tits and face. Truly ‘erectifying’ entertainment! "Mona Lisa and Ron Hightower – Ron creates his ‘assterpiece’ in the tight frame of the statuesque Mona Lisa. There's nothing enigmatic about her tits and ass–they're meant to be covered with cum. As Nat would have said...’Unforgettable!’ "Tara and Ted – Ted parks his hot rod in Tara's underground port. Then he deposits his huge prick between her tonsils. Horizontal and parallel–in tight places and guest spaces–he parks it everywhere. He's gonna be there all night long!
Tags:  interracial   anal   big-boobs 
Categories:  Interracial   Big Boobs   Anal 
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Length: 70 minutes | Viewed: 223 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Trinity Loren   Ron Hightower   Mona Lisa   Tara Gold   Ted Wilson 
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