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Description: We may never know the real logic of why Coctomom did what she did. Was it Fame? Was it for the Notority? Or is this chick just a cum junkie? Everyone knows the crazy chicks fuck the best, but who knew what she has planned! She's collecting sperm for a cum cocktail! Armed with a cooler full of dry ice, Coctomom sets out to extract and collect eight sperm samples from a wide array of horny guys. Watch the crazy tale unfold, and see what she plans to do with this 'Cum-coction'.
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Categories:  Anal 
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Length: 99 minutes | Viewed: 626 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Jenner   Jack Vegas   Seth Dickens   Tone Capone   Vannah Sterling   Jack Lawrence   Hooks   TJ Cummings   Country Pipes   Mr. E 
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Kelly the Coed 12 Mommy's Little Monster
Description: Kelly's decides to bring a few of her college friends' home to meet her parents and ends up in big trouble. How as Kelly supposed to know that her house would be overrun with over sexed Greeks and an all out orgy would ensue. Wow, Does her dad get mad? It's good thing that Kelly's best friend Christie, the campus slut, is there to calm him down. She even lets Kelly's brother buttfuck her as they do a father/son combo DP on her. Kelly isn't spared any anal action herself as she double penetrated. This little Kelly is going to give sorority girls a bad reputation, like they need any help.
Tags:  teens   anal   amateur 
Categories:  Anal   Teens   Amateur 
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Length: 109 minutes | Viewed: 655 | Comments: 0
Director: Jim Powers
Performers:  Flick Shagwell   Hannah Harper   Joel Lawrence   Aurora Snow   Dale DaBone   Jay Ashley   Rafe   Bree Brooks   Mark Cummings   Misty   Steve Taylor   Kristen   Rollo Tamasi   TJ Cummings   Violet Blue 
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