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Mistress R'eal's Dungeon Delights
Description: Mistress R'eal is one of the most versatile Mistresses you will ever have the pleasure of serving. In this film, she shows just how fantastic a Mistress she really is. Watch as she auditions a new slave girl to be 'the slave of the slave', follow her as her black stallion takes her to the station to collect another Mistress. Marvel at just how many steel balls she can hang from Willems' cock and then watch her fuck him with a power tool!
Tags:  fetish   bondage   punishment   submales   femdom   rubber/latex   genital 
Categories:  BDSM   Hardcore   Fetish 
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Length: 98 minutes | Viewed: 6611 | Comments: 1
Performers:  Priscilla   Mistress R\'eal   Ralff   Vaughan   Slave Martin   Willem 
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