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Quebec Perversity 6
Description: How do you say ‘pound my pussy’ in French? It really doesn't matter because when these lovely pink-cunted pleasures spread their legs, it's all the same language! Wait until you see what these sexually perverted Quebecians do to get off! Torrid girl/girl with just enough B&D to get it hot, some dick sucking, cum eating oral, a hole bunch of pink-puckered ass-hole stuffing and a ton of really nasty things are just a few examples...wait till you get the dirty stuff!
Tags:  fetish   anal   big-boobs 
Categories:  Fetish   Big Boobs   Anal 
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Length: 106 minutes | Viewed: 515 | Comments: 0
Director: Richard Marchand
Performers:  Brad   Erika   Pete Chenier   Alexandra   Cathy   Shaun   Tania 
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