Videos performed by Serena Suarez

Armpit Confidential 3
Description: Don't knock it until you've tried it. If you think about the most sensitive areas of a chicks body, you normally go for the erotic areas. But she has soft, hidden parts that respond to touching and kissing in the most arousing way. Sure, fondling and licking a throbbing nipple or sticking your tongue deep inside a wet pussy is incredible. But when you make love to her armpit, you get her going like you've never imagined! Look at it this way, before you know it, you're going to be looking at a huge load of your cum all over her hot armpit!
Tags:  hardcore 
Categories:  Hardcore 
Added: by White Ghetto
Length: 49 minutes | Viewed: 495 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Jaslin Diaz   Melanie Jayne   Natasha Rose   Serena Suarez 
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