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I Fucked My College Professor
Description: I think all of the coeds in his class were excited, I know my panties were soaked in anticipation. We had a new professor in our biology class, new and young and cute and, if what one of my friend’s boyfriend said about him was true, he was hung like a stud! In class, Calli decided not to wear any panties, and when she uncrossed her legs our new prof’s face got red and his dick got hard. Embarrassed, he turned around and cut class short, then brought the four of us into his office for a reprimand. Boy did we give him a ‘reprimand’! He was good, no; he was great! And so were we! His huge dick kept pumping and pumping, and we kept swallowing. Afterwards he said we all graduated Suma Cum Loudly! Gotta love homework!
Tags:  cumshot   gonzo   amateur   big-tits   p.o.v   p.o.v. 
Categories:  Big Boobs   Blowjob   Amateur 
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Length: 83 minutes | Viewed: 384 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Bella Marie Wolf   Calli Cox   Chloe Dior   Professor XXX   Satine Diamond 
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