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Description: Kelli Themas is at her sexy best in this engrossing tale of intrigue and ********
Tags:  fetish   lesbian 
Categories:  Fetish   Lesbian 
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Length: 49 minutes | Viewed: 312 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Kelli Thomas   Santana 
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Down And Dirty Boys 2
Description: Rod told me the last time he was here that he liked playing with his ass, but I had no idea he had such a fantastically hungry hole. This boy is so cute, and so tough and "straight" that I wouldn't have believed that he enjoys being anally plugged so much. I thought he might just try out a toy or two, but he ended up ramming every dildo he could get his hands on right up his ass. We all went to a cabin in the mountains to do some filming. Chris and Santana hit it off right away, and they really put on a show for us. First, Chris sucked on Santanas big brown dick long enough to get it hard, and then he bent over while Santana shoved it up his ass. I had Rick come back over for more fun, only this time I got him to fuck himself with toys! I think he's a fucking BABE, and the first time I got a look at his hairy virgin ass I wanted to see that cherry hole filled with a dildo or two, and then a great big hard cock or two. This is the first part of that fantasy.
Tags:  dildo   amateur   bareback   action   str8-bait 
Categories:  Anal   Twinks   Jerk-off 
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Length: 75 minutes | Viewed: 552 | Comments: 1
Director: Pat , Sam
Performers:  Sam   Rod   Rick   Santana 
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Grand Slam
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