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Asian Dolls Uncut 2
Description: Alexis Dane Appearing in the first scene is gorgeous Alexis Dane. This part time model is a Vietnamese/French mix with an awesome figure and an enormous appetite for sex which she share with Jeremy. This energetic Eurasian fucks and sucks Jeremy into a frenzy until he unloads his hot cum all over her tantalizing torso!!! Reiko From France comes a 2***********Vietnamese lovely named Reiko. She is an English student, and being a photo model is relaxed in front of the camera. She uses a vibrator but soon longs for a real man to satisfy her hunger for sex. Jeremy comes to the rescue and during their fuck session. Watch as her tight pussy destroys his condom!! She has three orgasms and then a huge cumshot splashes on her beautiful body!! Tammy Lee Tammy Lee is 20 years old, 1/4 Chinese, 3/4 Vietnamese and resides in Hawaii. She appears here in her first video and she finds it exciting and interesting because, for one thing, she has never used any sexual toys in her life. Watch her reaction as she uses a vibrator and notices Mr. Camera's hard cock. Samantha Wang Also appearing in her first video is Samantha. This 5' 100 lb. Cutie is 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Filipina. Watch this sexual dynamo seduce Mr. Camera with her eyes as she is masturbating. She can't wait to get fucked
Tags:  toys   asian   amateur   softcore 
Categories:  Asian   Softcore   Toys 
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Length: 111 minutes | Viewed: 41 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Reiko   Tammy Lee   Alexis Dane   Samantha Wang 
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