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Description: The Cult of Personality! The Cult of Big Personality…(or is it big dick?) See Rocco live at a wild porno show in Prague, Czech Republic. See him meet the fans, and wonder at the power this man commands because of his big personality…and (of course) because of his big whatchamacallit. Rocco is bigger than life in so many ways, yet he always, comes across as a real person, well aware of his limitations, yet equally confident that he can deal with any problem that might come his way. And people are very attracted to that. He meets his match with Silvia Saint, a woman as naturally beautiful as any ever in porn, with as big a sexuality as anyone ever. There's a contest here. Guess who wins? But you have to see the other contestants too! Actually, I had to fast forward through the first scene in this tape. I was reviewing it in my office, during business hours…and oh my God! The girls in the first scene, big and tall with big natural tits and big asses, and Rocco and Jean Yves LeCastel terrorizing their sweet assholes! This one I'm saving for a real special moment alone. Then Rocco takes on Silvia Saint alone, and then there are these nasty big scenes with more beautiful Czech girls! Oh my God, I want to go back! John 'Buttman' Stagliano
Tags:  hardcore   anal   blowjob 
Categories:  Hardcore   Blowjob   Anal 
Added: by Rocco Siffredi Production (RSP)
Length: 126 minutes | Viewed: 312 | Comments: 0
Director: Rocco Siffredi
Performers:  Rocco Siffredi   Jean Yves Lecastel   Robert   Michaela   Deborah Noemi   Dolores Nero   Katarina Martinez   Maria Tora   Nikita Destona   Paula Chechova   Paula Petra   Sahaj   Stephanie Silver   Sylvia Saint 
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