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Bare Meeting On Prague
Description: Cruising in Prague is always a joy, from the first glances and looks, to more explicit advances that always end in uninhibited fucking...this is a gay lifestyle indeed! A lifestyle you can find all over the world, but that takes a special meaning in Prague due to the city's atmosphere, where sex oozes from every corner. This Bareback movie will tantalize you with its sizzling hot scenes. Scene 1: Timo and Milan picked up each other on the busy streets of Prague. Back at Timo's apartment, they waist no time getting their cloths off. Milan sucks Timo's cock hard and the two move into a 69 position for more cock sucking. Then Timo fucks Milan bareback doggie style and then takes him from the side. Timo shoots his hot creamy load all over Milan's and then shoves his cock back into the tight hole. Milan then blows his big load all over Timo's for a tasty facial. Scene 2: Marco gets a call from Ruben, who is on the street outside of Marco's apartment. Marco invites Ruben up and things quickly turn into more than a social visit. Ruben sucks on Marco's stiff cock and then squats down to take all of Marco's bare cock in his ass. The two roll onto their sides where Marco continues to pound Ruben's tight hole. Marco unloads his jizz on Ruben's face and Ruben shoots his own load all over his stomach. Scene 3: Lucio meets Denis in the park, before the two go back to Denis' apartment. While the two are making out, Lucio gets a little frisky and begins to grind and spank Denis' ass. Lucio then thrusts his hard cock into Denis' mouth, before taking his turn and sucking on Denis' hard member. Lucio loves playing with Denis' asshole, which turns Denis on so much, he shoots his load all over Lucio's chest and then licks it all off. Lucio gives Denis a nice facial and Denis licks that up too. Scene 4: Martin picks up Miguel in the park. When the two return to Martin's apartment, they make out till all their cloths are off. Martin is the first to give head and Miguel soon returns the favor enjoying Martin's big uncut cock. The two boys are ready to fuck and get into some hot bareback action. Martin pulls his bare cock out of Miguel's ass to cream all over it before shoving it back into the tight hole once more. And Miguel gives Martin a juicy facial. Scene 5: After spending the day in the park, Andrea and Tom are horny. Back at Andrea's apartment, the two reveal their smooth, tight bodies and Tom takes Andrea's cock into his mouth. Tom is so turned on by Andrea's hard dick he mounts it for one hot raw ride. Then Andrea flips Tom over and pounds his tight ass. Andrea gushes a shower load of cum all over Tom and licks it up, before Tom unleashes his own load, that Andrea licks up also.
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Performers:  Marco   Andrea   Martin   Tom   Denis   MIGUEL   Milan   Timo   Ruben   Lucio 
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