Videos performed by Paul Banyan

Let's See Those Manly Feet
Description: Eight of the Coach's top jocks show off their manly feet, toes, soles, arches... and since they are nude, we get to see a few other things as well! Michael Crowe, Mike Hawk, Mycal Gabriel, Paul Banyan, Ron Magic, Troy Bardem, Austin Power, and Trey Porter. Most of these models also have their own solo video DVD also on, and most are featured in a Nick Baer Male Nude Photography book available exclusively on books.
Tags:  general-gay 
Categories:  General Gay 
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Length: 61 minutes | Viewed: 68 | Comments: 0
Director: Nick Baer
Performers:  Austin Power   Michael Crowe   Mike Hawk   Troy Bardem   Mycal Gabriel   Paul Banyan   Ron Magic   Trey Porter 
Price: $5.52 (For 24 hour streaming views)
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In Nature With Paul Banyan
Description: Red Rock is a great nature preserve near Las Vegas. It is a great place for a hot guy to take a hike - nude of course! Let's go hiking - nude - with Paul Banyan, let's scout for a good camp site, let's throw some rocks and ead tree limbs... then after a rest to massage his hot feet, Paul lays back for a great jack off session. Paul is str8 straight, 6 foot, 160, natually furry blond chest, legs and scruffy chin.
Tags:  jerk-off   muscle-guys   big-cock 
Categories:  Jerk-off   Big Cock   Muscle Guys 
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Length: 60 minutes | Viewed: 23 | Comments: 1
Performers:  Paul Banyan 
Price: $4.81 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Grand Slam
Length:50 min
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