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Sweet Lil' 18 9 Legal and Tender
Description: Is there anyting better than a sweet, young, firm, innocent little girl just over the age of consent who's curious about sex? Yes, a sweet, young, firm, innocent little girl who loves to suck cock, guzzle jizz, spread her legs to get good and fucked, and does it all just to please you. And that's what we've brought you in the 9th volume of our ***********series. We've scoured the playgrounds, junior college locker rooms, and malls of America to bring you the best in young entertainment. You'll love every minute of this one. And when you've worn this out, remember to pick up the previous volumes. Every single one is a winner.
Tags:  teens   interracial   hardcore 
Categories:  Interracial   Hardcore   Teens 
Added: by Sin City Entertainment
Length: 89 minutes | Viewed: 550 | Comments: 0
Director: Alex Ladd
Performers:  Tyce Bune   Herschel Savage   Adam Wilde   Pat Myne   Kylie Brooks   Miko Lee   Nadia Foster   Brandy Nash   Nata Rooks 
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