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Seduced By A Real Lesbian 2
Description: Devi thought her new pal Marlie just wanted to go clubbing, but she had other plans, she wanted to taste Devi’s sweet snatch! Angelica couldn’t help herself when she was rubbing sun tan lotion on Ryan’s back, she had to invite her upstairs, strap it on and make her cum! Piper and Kelly were going to get wet and wild in the pool, but they decided that could get wetter inside! Mickey was so grateful when her manager Lisa gave her a discount on some new clothes that she sucked on her big natural tits and banged her with a vibrator unitl she came, guess who is going to be employee of the month?
Tags:  lesbian   teens   toys 
Categories:  Lesbian   Teens   Toys 
Added: by Lethal Hardcore
Length: 124 minutes | Viewed: 532 | Comments: 0
Director: Stoney Curtis
Performers:  Angelica Saint   Kelly Skyline   Marlie Moore   Devi Emmerson   Lisa Neils   Mickey Graham   Ryan Hunter 
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