Videos performed by Marc Wallace

Beat Goes On
Description: A pulsating video jukebox consisting of 10 musically erotic video vignettes. Starring the prettiest and sexiest actresses assembled, performing in this full length 90 minute video feature. Action packed, cum-drenched, pulsating beats will keep you glued to your seat. Watch this tape with someone you love or you'll be holding you own.
Tags:  fetish   hardcore   anal 
Categories:  Hardcore   Fetish   Anal 
Added: by L.B.O.
Length: 70 minutes | Viewed: 23 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Trinity Loren   Shanna McCullough   Melissa   Tracy Adams   Brodi   Ginger Lynn   Jessie Adams   Marc Wallace   Mindy Rae   Karen Summer   Nikki Randall   Breezy Lane   Darlene Dahl   Co   Ronnie Dicksen 
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Debbie Class of '88
Description: First Barbara Dare shocked the industry with her red hot portrayal of Debbie, Sorority Prez. Now she's turning over the title to Alicia Monet, and the heat's only gettin' hotter! See the biggest, most star-studded cast in '88 porn, doing what they do best in the Coast to Coast class epic, 'Debbie: Class of '88'.
Tags:  lesbian   interracial   hardcore 
Categories:  Lesbian   Interracial   Hardcore 
Added: by Coast to Coast
Length: 79 minutes | Viewed: 29 | Comments: 0
Director: Bob Vosse
Performers:  Jack Baker   Little Oral Annie   Lilly Marlene   Billy Dee   Megan Leigh   Alicia Monet   Angel Kelly   Barbara Dare   Jerry Butler   Lois Ayres   Marc Wallace   Mavis DeNoire   Shauna McCullough 
Price: $7.93 (For 24 hour streaming views)
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Grand Slam
Length:50 min
Video Price:$5.58
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