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High Heeled and Horny 2
Description: Rodney has hired a cute new shoe sales girl, Nadia to help him in his awful job of trying high-heels on the sexy feet of beautiful girls. Nadia's pretty hot herself, and after he shows her how to suck up the feet of customers Whitney and Silvia, he shows how one guy can suck 3 pussies, and die a happy man. Of course, not before cumming on 3 faces. Meanwhile back at the executive offices of the athlete's foot powder company, CEO Rick is considering a merger with a well-known hemorrhoidal cream company. He's having his awesome secretary M take dick-tation. She wants her sore feet rubbed, though, and no sooner is boss man sucking her toes, than he darts his tongue all over her clit. She gets his cock nice and wet in her mouth, then after a warm up in her pussy, she rides him cowgirl style with his pecker deep up her ass. After an outrageous anal romp, he cums right inside her high heel and she tips it to her mouth and drinks his spunk right from her shoe. Katherine has some hot red spiked high heels, and she makes Rodney suck them and lick them. Then he licks her pussy, gets some head and shoves his cock inside her. When he pulls out, her pussy is so spread open he can fit on of her heels right inside of it. He also manages to fit his sperm insider her mouth. Nadia comes home to her roommate Lynx, and confesses that she really likes sucking feet. To prove it, she chows down on Lynx's luscious limbs, and works her way to her pussy. Lynx pulls out a big black dildo and Nadia straps it on and sticks it in Lynx. After several wild orgasms, Boss Rodney stops by just in time to get his share of foot and toe worship, and then shoots a big Rodney blast all over Lynx's foot. Nadia must have skipped dinner, cos she licks up every drop and swallows it all.
Tags:  fetish   anal   big-boobs 
Categories:  Fetish   Big Boobs   Anal 
Added: by L.B.O.
Length: 116 minutes | Viewed: 652 | Comments: 1
Performers:  Rick Masters   Nadia   Whitney Wonders   Catherine Kelly   Rodney Moore   Lynx Dyan   M   Silvia May 
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Pimpin' Nation XXX
Description: Real Pimps, real ho's. All black. All anal. All the time! 'Pimpfomation XXX' is a movie that lets you know the game remains the same, you know the rules.
Tags:  anal   ebony   group-sex 
Categories:  Group Sex   Ebony   Anal 
Added: by Onyxxx Films
Length: 137 minutes | Viewed: 429 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Sunshine   Sabrina   Nina   Kelly Star   Phoenix   Mercedes   Tone Capone   Dwayne Cumminz   Miricle   Unique   Mone Devine   Cuntre   M   Amenah Blue   Lee Mack   Mr. Johnson   Mr. Vick   Poppa-T   Suga Buga 
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Arabian Men 2
Description: After inspecting his ship during his daily military routine, our hot, American naval engineer goes to a secluded area of the warship and whips out the mysterious DVD that was sent to him from the Middle East. To say that he enjoys what he sees is an understatement!
Tags:  dick   big   condom   muscles   action   only 
Categories:  Big Cock   Hardcore   Muscle Guys 
Added: by Alexander Pictures Inc
Length: 86 minutes | Viewed: 2009 | Comments: 14
Director: Alexander
Performers:  M   Abdul Aziz   Abdul Nafi   Ghassan   Jawain   ujahid   Wally Allah 
Price: $6.02 (For 24 hour streaming views)
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