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Desperate Amateurs Raw Cut
Description: Desperate Amateurs is oral sex footage shot as "Documentary Porn." in a brief interview, the girls explain honestly why they have agreed to do a blow job scene on video. Then, the action begins. No fluff, no cheesy music, and no acting. The girls are truly amateur, never before seen on video. You will see true emotion and interaction between the girls and the directors. This is as real as it gets!
Tags:  fetish   blowjob   amateur   girls 
Categories:  Fetish   Blowjob   Amateur 
Added: by Desperate Amateurs
Length: 79 minutes | Viewed: 1659 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Candy   joy   Jasmine   Nikki   Angie   Tatiana   Lexis   Madasin   Shayla 
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