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How To Make a Model 4 Facial Cream Girls
Description: Has Rodney gone to big tit heaven? Fist Poppy flashes her boobs to Rodney while jogging. Then he gets the look but don't touch treatment from Leetha Weapons. Poppy comes over for some of Rodney's facial cream. After some heavy duty humping, she gets the Rodney blast right in her face. Tami Monroe won't pose topless for Rodney, but she gets fondled in a dream. (Is it hers or his?). Doesn't matter, because she goes all the way anyway. But not Leetha. She's back again to tease but not please. Rodney finds super busty Veronica Brazil at a sidewalk café, but they take the highway to his place… and his pecker finds the way into her mouth and pussy. After a big Rodney blast on her Latin kisser, she takes on Rodney's assistant, who also leaves her with a mouthful of the white stuff. Jerica Fox comes over for a photo session. Seems nobody can touch her tits. But who's that with his hands all over them! Chrissie Ann works for a cosmetics company, and she wants Rodney's secret formula for his facial skin cream. Of course, his cream can't be mass produced, but he does produce a large sample for her to try out. Well Leetha's back one more time, and this time for pleasing. And what pleasure Rodney has playing with her massive weapons. Leetha has fun with his weapon, too in her mouth, her pussy and between her tits. Maybe rubbing Rodney's spunk from her face into her huge boobs will make them grown even bigger.
Tags:  hardcore   anal   big-boobs 
Categories:  Hardcore   Big Boobs   Anal 
Added: by L.B.O.
Length: 113 minutes | Viewed: 798 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Rodney Moore   London   Veronica Brazil   Poppy   Tami Monroe   Chrissie Ann   Jerica Foxxx   Leetha Weapons 
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