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M Series 4 Cookies and Cum - The Escorts - Blonde Bom
Description: When lovely Lynn finds herself stressed out, she finds it helpful to eat…Today's special of the day is sausage, and Sean Michaels is serving it thick and hot – the way she likes it! What's for dessert? Read the title! "At Angela's Escort Service, the customer cum first", says sexy Angela Faith to Damien and Danny, her newest recruits. That's a rule they can live with and the boys take Angie on the three-way ride of her executive life! "When this blond impales herself on Jake's cock with wanton abandon, you'll hear bombs go off! Lovely La Tushe just can't get enough…This is one blonde babe with an itch to be a bitch!
Tags:  interracial   anal   big-boobs 
Categories:  Anal   Big Boobs   Interracial 
Added: by L.B.O.
Length: 75 minutes | Viewed: 575 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Sean Michaels   Angela Faith   Latusche   Lemay   Lynn 
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