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Midnight Fire
Description: The sun sets on a bustling city. A room filled with smoke as the phone lines light up and a hand reaches for the dial. You're on the air with Nikki "Midnight" Ryder. Her sulky, erotic voice caresses the airwaves as you adjust the controls to tune her in. Spend a night with Nikki as she paints your most sensual fantasies and stokes the fires of your dreams with a wave of her tongue. Got a hope...maybe a fear or a desire burning deep in the recesses of your mind. The Midnight Fire's burning out of control and you're looking for someone...something to dampen the flames. Reach out, pick up the phone and let Nikki touch those smoking embers of the Midnight Fire.
Tags:  hardcore   anal   mature 
Categories:  Mature   Hardcore   Anal 
Added: by L.B.O.
Length: 78 minutes | Viewed: 245 | Comments: 0
Director: Peter Davy, Jean Pierre Ferrand
Performers:  Sean Michaels   Lynn LeMay   Viper   Sharon Kane   Mike Horner   Peter North   Jessie Eastern   Krystal Kraven   Raven Richards   Suzy Bartlett   Tim LeBaron   William Margold 
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