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Rocco's True Anal Stories 13
Description: Rocco starts this release off with one of the most real scenes in any of his True Anal Stories movies. Beautiful bald Isha keeps begging Rocco not to stop fucking her. Evil Angel favorites Julia Taylor and Caroline round out this movie with a passionate scene that matches the rest of their sizzling work for Evil Angel. For this DVD release, Rocco sent along 30 minutes of extra footage that is sure to get you both laughing and stroking as you get to see the girls behind the scenes.
Tags:  hardcore   anal   blowjob 
Categories:  Anal   Blowjob   Hardcore 
Added: by Rocco Siffredi Production (RSP)
Length: 135 minutes | Viewed: 697 | Comments: 0
Director: Rocco Siffredi
Performers:  Natalie   Caroline Cage   Diana   Kathy Anderson   Sara   Isha   Agatha   Julia Taylor   Dagmar   Katy Moore   Verena 
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