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Rocco's Way To Love
Description: Rocco's real happy with this one! He called us up and said (we're paraphrasing, 'cause you know Rocco's English), "I put all my favorite girls in this feature. All the girls that like to fuck hard and nasty. Girls that don't get off unless they are seriously dominated." Rocco doesn't often blow his own horn, but Rocco's Way to Love has got him riffing like Louis Armstrong! Kelly plays the lead character, and you know she delivers the goods, so don't miss it!
Tags:  fetish   anal   group-sex 
Categories:  Anal   Fetish   Group Sex 
Added: by Rocco Siffredi Production (RSP)
Length: 132 minutes | Viewed: 1807 | Comments: 0
Director: Rocco Siffredi, Gabriel Zero
Performers:  Rocco Siffredi   Kelly Stafford   Nacho Vidal   Sabine Mallory   Iveta   Veronica White   Amanda Warren   Aneta Curtis   Anushka Garin   Katherine Count   Lucie Vrastilova   Mary Foster   Ruth Farah 
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