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Little Bad Czechs 2:The Farmers Daughters Gang Bang
Description: KATE - In room with 5 guys including Cheyne Collins & Karl Kinkade. BJ/handjob for all. Circle jerk BJ. Screwing & BJs in various positions. Guys switch around. Screwing her as she gives others head. No hands BJ. Anal doggy position & BJs as the guys take turns. DP doggy position as the guys continue to switch around and take turns. DP reverse cowgirl. Guys cum on her belly, tits & face. BJ clean off. LIDIA - Talks to camera. In room with 6 guys (Cheyne & Karl). Titty sucking. Fingering her. No hands BJ for all as they play with her tits & suck her tits. Screwing reverse cowgirl & no hands BJs. Screwing & BJs in doggy position as guys rotate. Screwing side saddle & giving head as the guys take turns. Cums on her tits & face.
Tags:  anal   gangbang   euro   all-sex   double-penetration   blondes 
Categories:  Anal   Group Sex   Hardcore 
Added: by Sin City Entertainment
Length: 86 minutes | Viewed: 598 | Comments: 0
Director: Alex Ladd
Performers:  Cheyne Collins   Michael V   Jon   Karl Kinkaid   Lidia Kate K 
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