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Bubble Gum Amateurs 8
Description: Scene 1: Missy's a little horney today and I think I'm going to fuck this girl. She's very relaxed when I start filming. As I'm talking to her I fondle her tits and ass. She lies on the bed, strips for me and plays with her pussy getting it nice and wet for me. We start in the missionary position. I don't think I can last that long fucking such a beautiful young girl that cums so easily. I don't set any records when I cover her belly in cum. Scene 2: Next up is slutty Daisy and she is going to jerk me off. Her outfit and firm ass turn me on as she smacks it for me. She poses a little till she climbs on me. She pours some slippery stuff on my dick then goes to work. While she's getting me nice and hard I play with her tits and thighs, grabbing her ass. She leans over and puts my dick between her tits and works me some more. More slippery stuff and now she's riding me, rubbing that hard clit across my dick. She leans back and strokes my cock some more. The sound of her hand working my dick turns me on some more. I want more of those tits so she wraps them around my dick and lets me tit fuck her some more. She holds them in there tight as I move faster and faster. I don't want to cum yet so I lay on my back and let her jerk me off again. Her face is rignt next to my dick when I explode all over her cheek and chin. She scoops the cum up and rubs it all over her tits for me. Scene 3: JuliAnn shows up in a nice red panty/bra set and wants to give me a hand job. She got long brown hair and a nice thick body. I think I am hard even before she starts jerking me off. She flips that body in several different positions while rubbing my tool and makes sure I am nice and wet by sticking the head of my dick in her mouth several times while jerking me off. She jerks me with one hand then gives me a two handed jerk. I shoot my load straight into her mouth then she rubs the head all over her lips smearing my cum around. Then she keeps jerking me off and makes me cum a second time doubling the cum on her face. Now that's a good girl!!
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Length: 52 minutes | Viewed: 39 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Missy   Daisy   Juliann 
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Blown Away TGirls 2
Description: Another red-hot collection of the finest shemales and ladyboys in porn, sucking cock like there’s no tomorrow! These dirty debutantes with dicks know their way around a pole and swallow cock like they were born to do it. Tons of tongue on cock action in this tran-tastic collection of the best cum-drenched deep throat transsexual blowjobs anywhere. Get your cock out, this dripping wet assortment of cock-gagging, load blowing scenes will have you cumming for hours!
Tags:  anal   blowjob   transexual 
Categories:  Blowjob   Anal   Transexual 
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Length: 121 minutes | Viewed: 39 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Sabrina   Lola   Paola   Isabella   Ana Paula   Kamile   Mai   Lorena   Gabriela   Evelin   Juliann   Thais 
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Grand Slam
Length:50 min
Video Price:$5.58
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