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Straight Guys For Gay Eyes Johnny Selleck
Description: We proudly present Johnny Selleck, a meaty running back from Maryland. From his faux-hawk down to his white anklet-socks with loafers it’s clear we’ve got a straight boy on our hands. Johnny has never fucked on film before and is a little nervous, but that didn’t keep him from getting hard before Tatiana even touched him. Tatiana does a good job of putting those nerves at ease, swallowing down his thick cock and rimming Johnny’s hairy hole. It’s a pleasure viewing Johnny from any angle, but watching his ass while he fucks in doggie-style is heavenly. When it comes to fucking on film, our running back scores a touchdown!
Tags:  hardcore 
Categories:  Hardcore 
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Length: 31 minutes | Viewed: 387 | Comments: 0
Director: Jake Cruise
Performers:  Tatiana   Johnny Selleck 
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